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CAS ingel Technology: the appearance quality of plastic products depends on pigments and additives

plastic products are favored by the market because of their "colorful" appearance, especially in the plastic toy industry. However, the appearance quality of plastic products depends on the pigments and additives in plastic products. ICAS ingel analysis and testing technology laboratory, a leading national quality improvement technical service organization, said that improving the quality of plastic products from the perspective of formula analysis is an important technical means

the color masterbatch used in the plastic formula. In terms of color masterbatch technology, we must pay attention to that this series of products can improve the sun protection index. The matching between the color masterbatch and plastic raw materials and additives. The key parts of the host machine are processed on (10) click the main page processing center of the computer screen. The color masterbatch cannot react with resins and various additives. It has strong solvent resistance, small migration, good heat resistance, etc., that is to say, The up and down movement of the color masterbatch non-10 chuck, that is, the tension and pressure, is controlled by the main oil source under the console. The clamping work of the upper and lower specimen chuck is completed by the clamping driving oil source, which can participate in various chemical reactions. For example, carbon black can control the curing reaction of polyester plastic, so carbon black cannot be added to polyester

icas ingel analysis and testing technical engineers take polyethylene and polypropylene plastic materials as examples to visit and analyze the appearance of plastics and the performance of additives from the perspective of formula:

first, polyethylene plastic

polyethylene plastic is a milky translucent body, the surface is waxy, thick products are tough, thin products are soft, the hand feels greasy, sniffs with a nose, has no smell, and when knocked, it makes a soft sound and can float on the water, Put it into boiling water, it will show obvious green softening

second, polypropylene plastic

and polypropylene plastic is also milky white translucent, with high surface hardness and a sense of lubrication when touching, but it does not have the greasy feeling of polyethylene. It smells with the nose and has no smell; It can float on the water surface and is lighter than polyethylene of the same volume. It can be boiled in boiling water without softening

icas ingel analysis and testing laboratory, as a leading brand in the field of formula analysis and quality improvement of plastic products, can effectively solve and help plastic products enterprises solve the technical problems of plastic formula analysis, process diagnosis and foreign matter impurities, and the accuracy of analysis is close to perfection

master advanced spectrum analysis technology, advanced scientific analysis instruments, nearly 200 sets, rich and perfect spectrum library and raw material library, led by researchers with more than 30 years of experience in plastic formula analysis, which has achieved high customer satisfaction of ICAS ingel technology, and has served more than 5000 large, medium and small enterprises in the field of component analysis and formula reduction, with customer satisfaction of 100%

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