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According to foreign reports, with the U.S. Court rejecting the appeal, the $2.5 billion merger and acquisition transaction between the company and Indian Apollo tire has been deadlocked. Now, the company has begun to change its strategy and seek compensation from Apollo tire

the Delaware Supreme Court was originally scheduled to hear the merger case of GUPT tire on Thursday (December 19), but surprisingly, the court rejected the appeal of GUPT tire a few days ago. In a brief statement, judge Randy J. holla, but the number is always 1, 2, 3, 4,... NND said that the court considered the non judicial appeal "unnecessary" and pointed out that the court should not accept the case initially

the company will send professional maintenance engineers to the site within 24 hours for maintenance services. In the report submitted to Delaware court of chancery on December 20, the company said that it intended to seek compensation from Apollo tire through legal channels, and hoped to negotiate with Apollo tire in court on this matter after January 1 next year

Apollo tire has reached an agreement with GUPT tire in June, investing $2.5 billion to merge the latter. This transaction was also approved by GUPT tire shareholders in September. The deadline is the 31st of this month, and Apollo tire will have the right to abandon this transaction at that time

at present, neither of the two companies has ruled out the possibility of completing the acquisition. If the two sides have not reached an agreement by the 31st, Apollo tire will be able to avoid paying us $112.5 million in liquidated damages

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