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Corrugated box - the appearance will be more and more beautiful

with the continuous development of market economy, the commodity market continues to flourish. The packaging of products on the market is exquisite, and merchants attract the attention of consumers through various distinctive packaging. The outer packaging of goods is no longer simply playing the role of packaging and protection. The products of brand enterprises not only achieve the purpose of allowing customers to distinguish their products from many similar products, but also fully reflect the image of the enterprise through the high requirements for the packaging pattern and the high consistency of the product appearance. The function of corrugated box has also broken many restrictions of carbon fiber materials in the past, which has changed the previous image and become slender and elegant

traditional corrugated boxes are mostly used for transportation. Due to the fierce competition of secondary packaging and reusable packaging products, competition among packers has been triggered. As a result, the number of corrugated boxes used solely for transportation has been declining. Typical products with reusable packaging include fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh meat

3. The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the experimental machine should be equipped with protective devices

now, corrugated boxes are increasingly used as the outer packaging of products, increasing opportunities for the market sales of an increasing number of brands. The main growth areas of corrugated boxes are pet food, wine boxes and beverages 7 Bearing and cosmetics industries. In these fields, corrugated boxes are used as a marketing tool, which promotes the application of white corrugated paper and corrugated paper with the finest grooves

the application of corrugated boxes in more packaging fields not only shapes commodity brands, but also shapes the image of enterprises. With the reduction of the quantity of paper used in corrugated boxes and the improvement of the utilization rate of white corrugated paper, the market requires new plate making systems to better meet the increasing printing quality and new needs. Using new software in color separation, the demand for digital plates and plates with larger sizes is an obvious trend in the development of this market

in contrast, cow skin corrugated boxes are widely used in daily use. The cost of raw materials, the main staff input and the utilization of resources are several important factors to maintain competitiveness in this market

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