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Transformation and upgrading Schneider Electric helps the distribution equipment manufacturing industry win new digital momentum

according to the data of the research on China's 14th five year plan for electric power development, it is estimated that by 2035, China's total social electricity consumption will reach 11.6 trillion kwh, with a growth rate of 1.3%, and the arrival of new infrastructure will further increase the demand for electricity in various industries. Among them, the continuous and stable power supply will play an important supporting role in the high-quality development of various industries. Therefore, the safe and reliable operation of relevant distribution equipment is extremely critical

nowadays, based on the rapid development of technology and the continuous change of demand, on the premise of highly ensuring safety and reliability, the distribution equipment that shoulders the normal production, transmission, transformation, distribution, use and other links of electric energy inspection instruments and computer display is also evolving towards high-end and intelligent direction, so as to obtain greater flexibility and efficiency in equipment control, operation and maintenance, etc. This trend has also brought new opportunities to the distribution equipment manufacturing market, which includes three categories of power supply, energy power generation and industrial process equipment, with a total of more than 30 sub industries. According to statistics, the market scale of distribution and automation components in the whole industry reached 25.5 billion in 2019, and the optimistic forecast is that it will increase by 2.8% in 2020. Among them, data centers and communication power supply spray free materials affected by the new infrastructure policy are used as environmental protection materials that can replace the traditional coating Railway rolling stock, shield machine, new energy power generation and other industries will usher in higher growth

as an expert in the field of power distribution equipment, Schneider Electric has a deep understanding and rich experience in the industry. Based on the ecostruxure architecture and platform, Schneider Electric creates products with more complete categories and better quality. Combined with leading digital capabilities and professional teams and services, Schneider Electric can provide services for distribution OEM equipment manufacturers, system integrators in the professional field of power, distributors focusing on distribution OEM business, etc, Provide products and overall solutions that can be applied to all links from power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, energy storage, to power consumption, protect the real-time control, reliable operation, efficient operation and maintenance of new energy equipment, explosion-proof equipment, data center equipment, railway rolling stock, professional power distribution equipment and other industries, further optimize costs, and shorten the development cycle of OEM manufacturers for new equipment, So as to promote the value of the entire industrial chain

safe and reliable: Schneider Electric has a complete product line covering medium and low voltage power distribution, terminal power distribution, terminal load and industrial automation, as well as rich experience in various fields, including medium and low voltage switchgear, circuit breaker, transformer, frequency converter, UPS, meter and other components and equipment with excellent quality, which can be strengthened and customized based on application scenarios, so as to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the whole power distribution equipment

cost optimization: Schneider Electric has a wide range of products, which can provide customers with a variety of options according to the actual needs and budget of the project. 27 products can be turned into self declared solutions for enterprises, so as to reasonably optimize the cost

efficient operation: Based on the intelligent attribute of the underlying equipment, and upload the collected data to the integrated management platform including the power management system such as pme/pso/Qianliyan operation and maintenance experts, and the process control system such as PLC, which can realize the full perception of the operation state of the distribution equipment, help users realize remote control, timely find the fault location and cause, and provide operation suggestions to effectively improve the operation and maintenance efficiency

precise research and development: with strong research and development capabilities and professional service team, Schneider Electric can continuously customize a series of products according to customer needs, help expand customer business models, and provide support for the continuous upgrading of this field

Schneider electric energy efficiency management low voltage business industry market and Application "Zhao Tianyi, head of China Hengrui opening up, said: the arrival of new infrastructure has created new opportunities for many industries, and excellent distribution equipment is an important foundation to ensure the continuous and stable power supply of various industries, so as to achieve high-quality development. Schneider Electric, with its rich experience and professional accumulation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, can provide more equipment manufacturers with comprehensive and high-quality products, and can use digital technology Technology to achieve a stronger guarantee for equipment management. We hope to continue to work with more partners in the future to promote industrial innovation, help transform old and new drivers, and win-win future

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