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Heat transfer technology and application solutions (41

41. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of thermal sublimation special paper

previously, we talked about thermal sublimation special paper, which is mainly used for water-soluble heat transfer ink used in desktop printers. It can sublimate most of the thermal sublimation pigments to the substrate, and is more and more widely used. But everything has double sides. I talked about its advantages before, and pointed out its shortcomings in several aspects: 1. Due to poor ink absorption, the paper surface is not easy to dry, and the hand It can't be touched. When the room temperature is low, it can't even be printed continuously. You can only type one and take away one; 2. There is a special coating on the surface of this kind of paper, which often causes paper jam when the temperature is a little higher or it rolls up when encountering air; 3. The resolution of the transferred image is not as high as that of color inkjet paper. If the ink is not dry, it will also cause color channeling, that is, the adjacent colors of the pattern mix together to blur the image

after long-term experiments, we have found an ink-jet paper that can absorb ink, which can be touched by hands after printing, and the paper will not be warped and jammed. Its transfer effect is better than Epson, prince or other brands. The ink can also be sublimated by 70%, which can fully meet the visual requirements of heat transfer printing, and the price is quite cheap

42. Talking about print head cleaning fluid

continuous ink supply system is a good invention. Although printer manufacturers do not like it, they constantly try to delay or increase the development cost of compatible ink cartridge (continuous supply) manufacturers by encrypting or complicating the structure of printer cartridges, but the struggle between the two is endless, and it is obvious that the latter is more popular. You must learn to clean the print head by yourself in case the ink head is blocked. Here is a little basic knowledge about this:

cleaning fluids are divided into dye (water-based) and pigment type (oily, weak solvent, solvent type) nozzle cleaning. The raw materials imported from the United States are configured with stable performance and good effect

basic usage: pour the cleaning solution into the vessel (or printer nozzle cleaner), and the height should be just soaked in the nozzle. Do not let the cleaning solution contact the circuit board of the nozzle

let the nozzle soak in the cleaning solution for more than a few hours (overnight is better), so that the cleaning solution can play a role. When soaking, cooperate with the printer nozzle cleaner to enhance the cleaning effect

if it is necessary to clean the sponge inside the ink cartridge, heat the cleaning solution to 60 ℃, pour it into the sponge, let the cleaning solution melt the caked ink inside, use it with the printer nozzle cleaner, and then pump out the ink that has been melted by the improperly designed cleaning cooling circuit or dry it with a centrifuge

nozzle cleaning fluid is used to clean printer nozzles, ink cartridge nozzles and inkjet printer nozzles, which is a blessing for printer and inkjet machine maintenance and recycled ink cartridge manufacturers

note: the special cleaning fluid for the nozzle only works on the poor printing caused by the ink, such as the impurities in the poor ink or the corrosion, sedimentation and other reactions caused by the poor ink, and other reasons

if you don't know the ink performance or use self-made ink, you must carry out an ink test before cleaning. Pour some of the ink you use into a small container, add cleaning solution, and observe whether it is completely and quickly dissolved. If not, please don't clean the nozzle and replace the correct type of cleaning solution

note: 1 When disassembling the printer nozzle, the user must turn off the printer power (unplug the socket), and it is best to take an anti-static ring with your hand (generally sold in electrical tool stores). If not, touch the conductor such as the water pipe with your hand when disassembling to release the static electricity of the human body. Sometimes the static electricity of the human body is too high, and it is easy to puncture the motherboard components, causing everything to be normal when printing, but there is no ink. 2. Before the nozzle is installed and powered on, be sure to ensure that the nozzle is dry, otherwise it is easy to cause head burning

tips: generally, the ink of desktop printers is mostly water-based ink, and water-based cleaning fluid is used; Some printers of HP and Lexmark use waterproof ink and oily cleaning fluid; Most inkjet machines in China use weak solvent ink, which can be solved by using weak solvent cleaning solution. Strong solvent ink can be treated with weak solvent cleaning solution for a slightly longer time. Weak solvent cleaning solution has little impact on other parts of the nozzle, and strong solvent cleaning solution will affect other parts of the nozzle, so it is not sure that it is best to use weak solvent cleaning solution first. Solvent ink is generally smellier than water-based ink, Strong solvent has stronger taste than weak solvent; Most heat transfer inks on the market must use weak solvent based cleaning fluid; If water-based cleaning solution is used for solvent ink, the nozzle will be more powerful; Some Epson inkjet machines must use water-based cleaning fluid, which can only be used after being tested according to the ink

43. Introduce the use of crystal glue in personalized digital images

with the development of market economy, crystal signs are used in decoration industry and manufacturing industry. Such as trademarks, signs, badges, bottle caps and other products. It is a modern surface decoration material, mainly composed of polymer transparent resin, referred to as component A. Another group is curing catalyst 14. Accuracy of strain control rate: agent when the rate is less than 0.05% FS/s, referred to as component B for short. There are two kinds of soft crystal glue and hard crystal glue. As personalized heat transfer jewelry, metal key chains, cosmetic mirror boxes, business card boxes, heat transfer badges and other products can be used to increase the surface wear resistance, gloss, arts and crafts, three-dimensional, high-grade of the picture part, and improve the competitiveness of various products. Pearlescent powder and luminous powder can also be added to the crystal glue to make it more decorative

the specific process is as follows:

1 First, there shall be no obvious burns during the welding of silk screen, offset, printing or heat transfer printing and Grade 1-3 reinforcement; There shall be no burns during welding of grade 4 reinforcement; During negative temperature flash butt welding, the object with water transfer printing is placed flat on the operating table with the same level, waiting for dripping

2. According to the dosage, take a clean beaker, measure accurately, mix and stir the components of a and B according to the specified proportion, and some crystal glue is proportioned according to the proportion of 2:1, and then remove the bubbles in the mixed glue. There are two commonly used bubble taking methods: one is natural defoaming, and keep still in the container for minutes; Another kind of vacuum defoaming minutes. Note: when the temperature is low, the crystal can be heated to 40 ℃ -50 ℃; The viscosity of colloid is reduced, and bubbles are easy to float

3. Take the clean crystal glue into the needle tube, inject the defoaming crystal glue into the needle tube, and then measure and evenly drip it on the surface of the pearlescent sheet of the key chain. Generally, the thickness of the crystal glue layer is 2mm, and let it flow naturally

4. Minutes after dripping the crystal glue, observe whether there are bubbles or dust particles on the glue surface. If there are small bubbles, use a small needle to pick them out. If you find that the dead corner is not leveled, use a needle to extradite

5. The poured sign is cured for hours at room temperature of 20 ℃ -22 ℃ to become a crystal sign with a hands-free surface

6. In case of self-adhesive, trademark, etc., its thickness is very thin, and the boundary is not obvious. When pouring, it is easy to cause crystal glue overflow, and it is difficult to reach 2mm thickness. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp different situations in making crystal glue and control the viscosity. In the process of application, it can be placed for hours to improve the viscosity and adapt to the pouring of thin crystal glue

7. Make crystal glue signs with a thickness of more than 2mm, which can be divided into two drops of plastic. After the first drop of plastic, cure for hours, and then add another layer

8. Cleaning after plastic dripping, whether manual or automatic, the machinery, equipment and containers should be cleaned after the completion. If the glue is hardened and does not dissolve in any solvent, the machinery and containers must be cleaned before it is hardened

44. How to transfer film pearlescent plate

as mentioned earlier, pearlescent plate can be divided into roller coated pearlescent plate, film pearlescent plate, sprayed pearlescent plate and electrostatic powder sprayed pearlescent plate according to different production processes. The commonly used substrates are iron plate and aluminum plate, as well as different thicknesses and colors

the film pearlescent board is widely favored by the advertising printing industry because of its good transfer effect and scratch resistance. The film pearlescent board produced by some manufacturers will tend or blister when transferred with a tablet machine (small pearlescent boards such as cosmetic mirror box panels, metal Notepad panels, etc. generally do not tend, and can be transferred directly with a flatiron or baking pan machine). Some people who master the method of transferring the film pearlescent board does not tend to regard it as a technical secret, We now make this technique public. In fact, the secret that it doesn't work is very simple. As long as we use a slightly modified banner machine, the transfer will never blister, because the heating roller of the banner machine can push the part of the newly transferred pattern forward, so that the film covered part of the transferred pearlescent plate won't be heated for a long time. The principle of the banner machine is like the heat sealing photos of the plastic machine, This method can be used to transfer super large pearlescent plates with film (first printed on the web thermal sublimation special paper with a photo machine)

45. Exclusive skills of thermal transfer coating pearlescent plate without banner machine

at present, our company has independently developed three thickness specifications of coating aluminum pearlescent plate, one is 0.5mm thick, one is 0.6mm thick, and the other is 0.8mm thick; And two kinds of thickness iron bead polished plate, one is 0.4mm, the other is 0.7mm. There are three colors: golden pearl light, silver pearl light and white pearl light. Other colors can also be customized. You can also carry out double-sided film covering according to customer needs, and you can heat transfer images on both sides. For those who purchase the coated aluminum pearlescent plate and iron pearlescent plate produced by our company, we will inform in detail the relevant technical parameters of heat transfer printing. The heat transfer pearlescent film adopts imported chemical raw materials, which can remain unchanged for 30 years, that is, if it is transferred by thermal sublimation with ordinary tablet machine, there will be no tendency or bubbles

46. About flower printing technology

if ordinary flowers for gifts are added with words or patterns of personal blessing, they will increase the contact color between the upper platen and the surface of the sample. The flower printing technology method is very simple and belongs to the curved surface transfer process

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