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Heat transfer and thermal printing technology barcode (Part 1)

today, the demand for barcode for commodities has reached an indispensable level. More and more commodities store a lot of commodity information, such as production date, storage location, transportation materials, materials and styles, in trademarks through printing barcode and variable data. Therefore, printing plants must strengthen their understanding of barcode printing technology, To actively meet the requirements of commodity packaging and logistics management

in bar code printing, when serial code or variable information needs to be printed, the traditional printing method can no longer meet the requirements because of the high cost of plate making. The speed of laser and ink-jet printing is slow, and there are more restrictions on paper, which is not very applicable in industrial applications. Therefore, choosing the heat transfer printing method of computer direct plate making and printing has become the main solution to print bar codes and variable information

printing principle

1. heat transfer printing

the principle of heat transfer printing is shown in Figure 1. It relies on the heating point on the print head to heat, melting the toner on the ribbon on the label to form text. The heat transfer printing system is mainly composed of heat transfer printer (also known as bar code printer), ribbon (also known as carbon tape), self-adhesive label (some high-end printers can also print various computer bills). The cooperation of these three parts determines the print quality

in addition, there should be enough space in the room to transfer the printer, which can also complete the thermal printing work, so as to be suitable for occasions with low requirements on the durability of labels and printing information, such as supermarket price labels, which can usually be completed by using low-cost thermal printing

2. Thermal printing

thermal printing requires the use of special thermal labels to complete the printing task according to the corresponding color change caused by the heating of the print head. Because the price of thermal label itself is lower than that of heat transfer label, and there is no need to use ribbon in printing, the printing cost is relatively low

thermal printing labels

labels that can be used for thermal transfer and thermal printing are divided into 6 categories according to the durability of labels

1. Economic thermal labels

have short service life and poor pollution resistance. Typical application forms include: supermarket commodity price labels, warehousing and logistics management labels, address labels, etc

2. Thermal labels with coating

have general service life and good antifouling performance. They are suitable for labels with a slightly longer effective travel, such as dairy products and refrigerated foods. Among them, there are several types, mainly solid spanner changing experimental machine, ratchet spanner changing experimental machine, open-end spanner changing experimental machine and lever arm spanner changing experimental machine, and so on. Labels printing experimental results in hospitals and laboratories

3. Economical heat transfer labels

also known as ordinary coated paper labels, are mainly used in logistics and warehouse management

4. Heat transfer label

heat transfer label is expensive, but it is still the preferred product of some large enterprises and is often used in the outer packaging of famous brand products

use the brake to brake the pendulum for 5 Heat transfer polyolefin film label

the label is mainly made of white and transparent color materials. Due to its good softness, it is mainly used in the clothing industry to mark the specification and size on the clothing

6. Heat transfer pet label

is mainly used in the electronic industry, such as the product description of household appliances, the factory serial number in the battery board and other performance of heat transfer equipment

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