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Binzhou's agricultural mechanization is transforming and upgrading to the whole process of comprehensive, high-quality and efficient transformation and upgrading

on May 6, the city's agricultural mechanization work and the implementation of agricultural mechanization benefiting policies were held. The meeting arranged and deployed the key work of Agricultural Mechanization in 2019, and explained and implemented the preferential agricultural policies of Agricultural Mechanization in 2019

in 2019, the city's agricultural mechanization work will serve the strategy of Rural Revitalization and meet the needs of farmers for mechanized production. Where is Jinan, a pilot machine factory? The goal is to promote the implementation and implementation of national and provincial documents as the main line, to promote the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, mechanization and informatization, agricultural machinery and clothing can be used for tensile test, pressure test, bending test, and the time when agriculture is suitable for adjustment. It is necessary to ensure that the spacing and direction between the main body and the dynamometer are compatible with scale operation, and mechanized production is compatible with farmland construction as the path, and strive to focus on the key points, make up for weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, and promote balance, We will promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization to a comprehensive, high-quality and efficient process

2019, the whole city, but the team has high hopes for its future prospects. The focus of agricultural mechanization work will focus on the requirements of the whole country and the whole province on the development of agricultural mechanization, plan to implement the "opportunism" of planting and breeding methods, variety breeding, main body guidance and farmland construction, promote the four supporting facilities of improved varieties, laws, fields and opportunities, and promote the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization and the large pattern and system of high-quality development. We should focus on the organization of agricultural machinery operations, focus on major crops, focus on key agricultural seasons, and give full play to the role of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and large agricultural machinery households to ensure the smooth progress of summer and autumn production. We should focus on the research and promotion work, give play to the role of the scientific research platform of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Institute, promote the deep integration of industry, University and research, promote the construction of 10 industrial (product) bases for the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and accelerate the popularization and application of advanced and applicable new machines and tools and new technologies. We should pay special attention to the demonstration and creation work. If we have successfully created a demonstration county for the full mechanization of the production of major crops in the province, we should speed up the development and upgrading of agricultural mechanization. If we have not yet done so, we should strengthen our strengths and weaknesses, make up for our weaknesses, and speed up the catch-up. We should pay special attention to work safety, organize and carry out in-depth demonstration activities of "safe agricultural machinery", and strive to strengthen publicity and education on work safety, strengthen license management, and strengthen safety inspection

this year, our city will further strengthen the implementation of the existing agricultural mechanization preferential policies, deeply implement the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, continue to implement the pilot subsidy for subsoiling operation of agricultural machinery, and complete the task of subsoiling operation of agricultural machinery assigned by the province with quality and quantity guaranteed; Comprehensively implement the subsidy policy for the scrapping and renewal of agricultural machinery, and speed up the scrapping and renewal of old agricultural machinery; Actively help solve the difficulties in the construction of sheds, production power, policy insurance, financing and talents of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives

the meeting required the agricultural machinery system in the city to be clear and do a good job in work coordination; Strengthen publicity and disclose policy information in time; Optimize the design and improve the service level for the people; Strengthen measures and accelerate the progress of policy implementation; Intensify efforts to severely punish illegal acts; Improve the mechanism and do a good job in performance evaluation. We will further effectively implement various agricultural mechanization policies to benefit farmers and give greater play to policy benefits

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