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Wuhan fake Dulux Nippon and other famous brand paint transfer stations were sold to building materials stores in Wuhan through the "transfer stations" in Chengzhong Village, with fake China Resources, Dulux and Nippon paints that exceed the standard of formaldehyde and heavy metals. Until June 8, this fake paint nest, which has existed for twoorthree years, was finally broken in recent years

selling fake paint gets a name

"in the building materials markets in Qiaokou, Wuhan, Hanxi 1st Road, Hanxi 2nd Road and diluokou, as long as there are stores that want to enter the fake China Resources and Dulux paint sales, they will find a boss with a 'surname Wang'." On the 8th, a crackdown personnel of duluxpro said

according to the complaint, at about 9 a.m. on June 8, Qiaokou industrial and commercial law enforcement officers rushed to the dens where boss Wang stored fake goods. The dens is located at No. 121, Xinhe East Village, Qiaokou District, on the first floor of a three story residential house, with the door locked. At about 11 o'clock, boss Wang returned to the dens, and the law enforcement officers immediately controlled the scene. On the ground floor and in the attic upstairs, there are more than 1200 barrels of paint from various well-known brands such as China Resources, Nippon, Dulux, Baide, Jiadeli, etc. After the identification of the manufacturer, they are all fake and inferior products

"in just one afternoon, he delivered more than 10 times, and the fake goods were worth more than 20000 yuan." Mr. Liu, the accompanying anti-counterfeiting personnel of China Resources paint, told that he was engaged in anti-counterfeiting work all year round, and had a group of "informants" such as painters and drivers of logistics companies. He found that boss Wang sold fake products through "informants"

after a period of follow-up failed, the crackdown personnel found a familiar customer of boss Wang, purchased a batch of fake products through him, tracked down the location of the dens, and then reported to the Qiaokou industry and Commerce Department. "This is actually a transit station. The goods are delivered from the fake factory and then sold wholesale to the building materials store in the market." Mr. Liu said

the price difference between genuine and fake products is ten times

in the face of questions from industrial and commercial law enforcement officers, boss Wang was outspoken and admitted that he sold "parallel goods"

according to boss Wang, he only works for a "Liu Jinhua" in Shashi, Jingzhou. The goods are delivered from Shashi, and then he delivers them according to the needs of building materials store owners in the market. The delivery vehicle is a small golden cup truck, which delivers goods about fiveorsix times a day

the industrial and commercial personnel found a list of nearly 100 people at the scene. Through the records of accounts, the law enforcement personnel found that the boss Wang had been here for nearly three years. The crackdown personnel confirmed that the amount of counterfeit paint found on the scene alone was as high as more than 100000 yuan

pick up a small bucket of "Dulux wood paint curing agent". Boss Wang's sales price is 30 yuan. According to the manufacturer's crackdown personnel, the price of regular products is about 300 yuan, and the price difference between the two is 10 times. "We took the fake products purchased by acquaintances and found that formaldehyde seriously exceeded the standard dozens of times, and the content of heavy metals also exceeded the standard, which was very harmful to human body." Lawyer Xiong, a crackdown officer of Dulux paint Co., Ltd., said that these fake paints were mostly mixed with the genuine ones and were retail at a slightly lower price than the genuine ones

at present, the Department of industry and Commerce has seized the fake paint on the scene and made further investigation on this case

industrial and commercial personnel remind that fake paint is harmful to human body because of its technical content. When buying genuine goods, citizens had better not be greedy for bargains. They can go to large stores or specialty stores to buy them. After buying, they can check the authenticity through anti-counterfeiting bar codes. Analysis of microstructure and mechanical properties of Mo strengthened Fe-Cr-C surfacing material

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