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Transformation of 10000m3/h air separation upper tower to increase oxygen

Chinese figure classification number: tqll6.14 document identification code: B Harbin Gasification Plant air separation plant 1 × 10000m3/h air separation equipment was produced by Hangzhou oxygen generator (the group checked the corresponding bridge bipolar tube, filter capacitor and corresponding connecting line) Co., Ltd. in 1991, which is a full low-voltage switching plate fin process. In 1995, due to the slight explosion of the main cooling, the main cooling was repaired and some channels were welded dead. The design oxygen output is 10000m3/H1) the friction resistance of the host part, and the purity is 98%o2. Later, due to the change of coal quality and the need of gas making furnace, the oxygen purity needs to be increased to 99.5% O2, and the production capacity needs to be reduced to 7000m3/h. In order to meet the production needs, two sets of 10000m3/h air separation equipment are opened in winter, one set of 10000m3/h and one set of 6000m3/h air separation equipment are opened in summer. However, with the expansion of methanol project and the increase of gas users in Harbin, the oxygen consumption has increased greatly. In summer, opening one 10000m3/h and one 6000m3/h air separation plant can no longer meet the production needs. If opening two 10000m3/h air separation plants, there will be a large amount of venting, which increases the energy consumption per unit of oxygen gas. We decided to reform the 1 × 10000m3/h air separation plant. The transformation principle is to increase the oxygen output to 9500m3/h without changing the air compressor and ensuring the purity of the product. In this way, a set of 10000m3/h and a set of 6000m3/h air separation equipment can meet the production needs in summer, and the unit energy consumption of products can be greatly reduced, the production cost can be reduced, and the purpose of improving economic benefits can be achieved. 1. Transformation scheme and Implementation: reduce the cost as much as possible, transform the original distillation tower, replace the original sieve plate upper tower with the regular packing upper tower, and raise the upper tower to improve the oxygen extraction rate and meet the output requirements. In 2003, Harbin Gasification Plant commissioned hang yang to design and manufacture a structured packing tower. This upper tower is 10 meters higher than the original upper tower, and the equipment cost is 1.5 million. The original pipeline has no major changes, but a gas-liquid separator is added to the liquid air and liquid nitrogen pipelines respectively, and the instruments and valves have not been changed. The transformation was completed in August, 2003. 2. After the commissioning and operation in August 2003, the equipment was exposed and cooled, and the air tightness test was carried out, and no deformation and leakage occurred; After the naked cooling, heat the equipment and fill it with pearlescent sand. The air separation plant was started on August 27th, 2003, and the working condition was normal on August 29th. The oxygen output was 8000m3/h, and the purity was 99.6%; The nitrogen output is 10000m3/h, and the purity is 99.99%. On September 1, the oxygen output reached 10000m3/h, and the purity was 99.8%; Nitrogen output is 10000m3/h, purity is 99.99%, and all indicators meet the requirements. 3. After the economic benefit transformation, our plant can meet the production demand in summer by opening a set of 6000m3 and a set of 10000m3/h air separation equipment, and the energy consumption of oxygen production is reduced from 1.06kwh/m3 to 0.79kwh/m3 now. For electricity and water alone, opening one set of 6000m3/h and one set of 10000m3/h air separation equipment can save 1.466 million yuan (6 months) compared with opening two sets of 10000m3/h air separation equipment. The transformation cost is only 2million yuan, and the transformation cost can be recovered in more than a year. On the basis of the success of this transformation, our plant will carry out technical transformation of the other two sets of air separation equipment in 2004

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