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Transformation and innovation FAW Xichai grand held the 2015 Procurement Conference

transformation and innovation FAW Xichai grand held the 2015 Procurement Conference

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"we cherish quality as life, lay the cornerstone of national brands, persist in innovation and low carbon, cast the soul of high-end power, and achieve harmony and symbiosis with society with the concept of lean." The solemn and resounding oath of Xichai brand reflects the firm belief of Xichai and its suppliers to make a national brand together. From December 19 to 20, 2014, the "FAW Xichai 2015 procurement work conference" was grandly held in the conference hall of Xichai factory. With the theme of "adapting to the new normal, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, and promoting the sustainable and steady development of cooperative undertakings", representatives of more than 400 suppliers from all over the country gathered together to discuss cooperation and development plans under the new market environment in 2015, and held the Xichai brand oath activity. Qian Hengrong, the director of Xichai factory, Xu Xuefen, the Secretary of the Party committee, Xu Haigen and Ji Yizhi, the deputy directors, Zhang Zhenfeng and Huang Chenghai, the assistant directors of the factory, and the relevant leaders of Jiefang company attended the meeting

2014 is a year full of risks and tests. Xichai people fought the market with the vision and spirit of eagle, and achieved steady development in adversity - their business performance continued to maintain a leading position among independent brand enterprises, especially in heavy vehicles, non road machinery, exports, natural gas products and other fields, and achieved steady growth in market share. In January, the sales of Aowei products alone exceeded 100000 units. After winning the domestic market sales champion last year, Aowei 11 liter machine will continue to maintain its market share this year, which will make the valve and oil pipeline congestion rank first in China

the conference was presided over by xuxuefen, Secretary of Xichai diesel plant, and Xu Haigen, deputy director, made a work report to the conference with the theme of "adapting to the new normal, focusing on improving quality and efficiency, and promoting the sustainable and steady development of cooperative undertakings". The report objectively evaluated the business performance of Xichai in 2014 and affirmed the achievements made by the procurement line in accelerating the construction of the supply chain system. Focusing on the procurement task of Xichai in 2015, He put forward five work requirements, including "adhering to brand leadership, deepening strategic procurement; adhering to quality leadership, focusing on three projects; adhering to resource guarantee, ensuring the implementation of resources; adhering to cost control, focusing on procurement cost reduction; adhering to system guarantee, and protecting cooperation rights and interests"

At the meeting, director Qian Hengrong of Xichai made an important speech. He stood at the height of brand leadership strategy, He discussed in detail the three opinions of "understanding the new normal, regularly inspecting the safety valve and other protection systems of the compressor, adapting to the new normal; focusing on innovation, building a brand, actively transforming and seeking development; and building a procurement culture that integrates knowledge and practice". He hoped that suppliers would take the reduction of the number of components and the command of the assembly process brand of Wuxi Diesel products as the guide, jointly create leading quality, and establish "leading technology, reliable quality, optimal cost, shortest delivery time and best service" And jointly create new competitive advantages of the supply chain under the new situation

Ji Yizhi, deputy director of the factory, read out the "recognition decision for 2014 advanced suppliers" at the meeting; Zhang Zhenfeng, assistant director of the factory, read out the "2014 annual quality approval notice"; Assistant director Huang Chenghai read out the "fourth batch of core supplier certification notification"; Ding Hao, head of the quality assurance department, read out the "2014 supplier withdrawal notice"; Xu Baiping, head of the procurement department, made a summary of the current situation and development trend of fixtures in 20142, and issued a supplier quality research plan in 2015; Wu Shugang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of management, interpreted the key points of intellectual property protection and prohibition of business cooperation

the meeting held a grand award ceremony, and the leaders attending the meeting presented awards to suppliers and manufacturers who won the best supplier, excellent supplier, quality excellence award, synchronous development excellence award, quality breakthrough Excellence Award and so on. Miao Yuming, the deputy general manager of Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd., who won the best supplier award, spoke as a supplier representative. He talked freely about the successful experience of working together with Xichai to achieve win-win results in terms of scientific and technological innovation, capacity construction, management innovation and service improvement, which resonated with the majority of suppliers

during the meeting, Xichai factory also held technical and business negotiations with suppliers, signed relevant contracts and agreements, and held a special meeting on non parts procurement

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