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"Sub package center" has become a strong magnetic field in the capital market. A series of data constitute investment temptation: at this time, in addition to elastic deformation, the market capacity of the world's packaging industry is US $800billion, growing at a rate of 15% to 18% every year. At present, although China's packaging industry is increasing at an average annual growth rate of more than 18%, the total output value of the packaging industry in 2001 was less than US $30billion. The world is optimistic about the prospect of China as a major manufacturing country in the world, and more optimistic about the huge space of the packaging industry in China. As a "sub Contracting Center", Hangzhou will have a great attraction to the manufacturing industry. Zhangyaoquan, Secretary General of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, told that in the next few years, the "Asian packaging center" will gradually show its ability to integrate resources like a magnetic field - the member countries of the World Packaging Organization will set up offices here to build a platform for the transfer of the world packaging industry to China, and international institutions such as the World Packaging Organization Standards Technical Committee and the headquarters of the Asian Packaging Federation (currently in Singapore) will also move to Hangzhou. The settlement of the "Asian packaging center" will bring a series of exhibition activities to Hangzhou. The 2006 World Packaging Conference will be held in Hangzhou. The world packaging design conference and the world packaging Expo will also be held in Hangzhou at the same time. After that, China International Packaging Exhibition will be held in Hangzhou every year. Since 2008, the Asian Packaging Conference has been held in Hangzhou every two years, and the Asian Packaging Culture Festival and the international packaging Expo have been held at the same time

why does the "sub package center" settle in Hangzhou

according to the relevant person of Hangzhou Economic Commission, "sub package center" is a comprehensive functional industrial center authorized by the World Packaging Organization in 1998 and built in China and approved by the former State Economic and Trade Commission in July 2000. The future "sub package center" includes the headquarters and processing trade zone, with the packaging manufacturing industry as the center, integrating manufacturing, science and education, research and development, trade, exhibition, information and services

insiders understand that the "sub packaging center" is different from the general manufacturing base. As a comprehensive platform for the packaging industry with strong agglomeration function, it will bring great impetus to the packaging industry and manufacturing industry wherever it is located. Faced with such a historic opportunity, Japan, India and China once had a fierce competition for the "Asian packaging center". When the "Asian packaging center" was determined to be in China, four cities with strong strength in China's packaging industry also went all out to participate in the competition

after several years of "long-distance running", Hangzhou finally won the competition with Shanghai, Guangzhou Zhongshan and Jiangsu Jiangyin, and was officially established as the settled city of "Asian packaging center" by the former State Economic and Trade Commission

zhangyaoquan, executive vice president and Secretary General of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, told that Hangzhou was able to win the competition mainly for two reasons. One is the result of the joint efforts of all parties in the society. The provincial Party committee and government gave strong support to Hangzhou's application for the "Asian packaging center", and the Hangzhou municipal Party committee and government provided very preferential policies for the construction of the center; Second, Hangzhou has rich basic conditions suitable for the development of packaging industry. From the perspective of the functional setting of the "Asian packaging center", the location it is looking for must have a strong packaging industry foundation, a deep cultural and educational foundation, an adequate supply of talents, and a broad space for the development of the packaging manufacturing industry in the future. Hangzhou performs well in the above indicators. Only taking Hangzhou's packaging industry as an example, Hangzhou currently has more than 400 packaging enterprises of various types above Designated Size, ranking fifth in the industrial category last year; Among the 163 leading Chinese packaging enterprises announced by the China Packaging Technology Association last year, Hangzhou has 11, ranking first in the country; Among the six packaging bases established by the state, Hangzhou occupies three seats

in the end, Hangzhou's comprehensive strength was highly recognized by the judges, and with the highest score of 93, it became the settlement of the "sub package center"

"Asian packaging center" reposes the industrial ideal of many elites in China's packaging industry - to build an "aircraft carrier" of China's packaging industry in Hangzhou and turn China from a "packaging power" to a "packaging power". It is reported that in the next few years, the ability of the "center" to integrate resources will gradually appear - the member countries of the World Packaging Organization and international organizations in related industries will set up offices, the center will strive for the Asian Packaging Organization to relocate to Hangzhou, the 2006 World Packaging Conference is expected to be held in Hangzhou, and some international institutions and multinational companies will also set up offices in Hangzhou

a promising emerging industry can often become a "locomotive" that pulls the development of a modern city. As the first world-wide industrial center established in China, the settlement of "Yabao center" has given Hangzhou, which is currently vigorously advocating "prospering the city through industry", a powerful "engine" for industrial development. More importantly, in recent years, a large number of world manufacturing industries have shifted to China, especially in the "Yangtze River Delta", and the packaging industry, as a supporting industry of manufacturing, is also gradually shifting to China. In this context, the settlement of the "Asian package center" in Hangzhou will surely bring us a huge opportunity

"sub packaging center" brings huge business opportunities

Zhou Zheng, general manager of "COFCO Meite", a leading enterprise in Zhejiang packaging industry, told that "sub packaging center" will enhance the overall status of Hangzhou packaging industry. Hangzhou packaging enterprises can "borrow" this brand effect and benefit from the industrial agglomeration of "center". Jin Xiangzuo, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association and head of the preparatory group of Asian packaging center, is full of confidence in the future of the "center". He believes that the packaging industry is a sunrise industry with great potential. The "sub packaging center" can not only integrate the domestic packaging industry, but also become a supporting industry to undertake the world packaging industry as a manufacturing industry, which will promote China's manufacturing industry. He predicted optimistically that if the "Asian package center" was successfully constructed, it could also become a loud brand for Hangzhou to attract investment

from the perspective of industrial chain, the effect of "sub package center" is that the central proposition is "what is cited is important". The integration of "central" resources will promote the innovation and upgrading of the packaging industry, trigger a chain reaction, and stimulate the upstream and downstream industries

among the basic materials of the packaging industry such as paper, plastic, metal and wood, the first two have a relatively strong industrial foundation in Zhejiang Province. The output value of paper industry in Zhejiang Province ranks third in the country. "Minfeng", "Huafeng" and "Jingxing" are all leading paper enterprises with strong competitiveness; The plastic industry is also very developed, with two plastic industry clusters, Yuyao and Taizhou. The industrial upgrading of the packaging industry will promote the expansion and upgrading of the scale of the upstream raw material industry

"sub Contracting Center" will also bring strong support to the downstream manufacturing industry, especially the manufacturing industry in the whole "Yangtze River Delta". Industry insiders believe that if Zhejiang's packaging industry establishes a greater advantage in the country, Zhejiang products relying on packaging advantages will also be in a favorable position in the competition

"sub package center" faces multiple challenges

although Hangzhou welcomes the "sub package center", the "sub package center" itself cannot bring market privileges to Hangzhou. Shanghai, Jiangyin and Zhongshan, these "old rivals" are still trying to develop the packaging industry, and the competition is still continuing. At present, the substantive operation plan of the "sub Contracting Center" is being worked out intensively. It is understood that designers will change the general practice of introducing foreign capital into the manufacturing industry. First of all, China's packaging industry will introduce foreign capital for industrial integration starting from the "short legs" of full rib bolts or screws

Qiu Fu, leader of the construction leading group of "sub packaging center" and President of China Packaging Technology Association, told us that the first two links in the packaging industry chain of materials equipment products are our "short legs". The invention and production of new packaging materials are mostly controlled by international companies such as DuPont, and the equipment industry is our weakness. Statistics show that there are more than 4000 kinds of packaging machinery in the world at present, and only more than 2000 kinds of packaging machinery can be produced in China. Some key components have to be imported from abroad. After some packaging enterprises spent a lot of money to introduce new production lines from abroad, the huge investment in equipment brought heavy financial cost burden to the enterprises. The interest plus equipment depreciation made the profits very meager. Therefore, foreign enterprises that introduce production equipment and raw materials will be given priority in the investment attraction of the "Asian packaging center"

many experts believe that there are still weak links in the development of China's packaging industry, such as uneven regional distribution, small enterprise scale, low grade, poor economic benefits and so on. Zhangyaoquan, Secretary General of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, told that in modern commodity production, the packaging cost often has a great impact on the price of commodities. For example, the packaging cost of food, beverages and daily chemical products often reaches 30% - 70% of the commodity cost, and the packaging cost of some beverages even greatly exceeds the value of the commodity itself. At present, the basic pattern of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices" in China has not been completely improved, and the packaging industry has directly affected the linkage development of relevant upstream and downstream industries

the dilemma of the overall backwardness of the packaging industry reflects the insufficient attention of the government. Zhang Yaoquan believes that developed countries often measure the degree of economic development by the level of development of the packaging industry, while China has officially included the packaging industry in the national industrial statistics since last year. At present, only Zhejiang Province in China supports the packaging industry as a pillar industry, while Shanghai regards the packaging industry as an "urban industry" development, while other provinces and cities have few supporting policies

another "short leg" of China's packaging industry is the serious shortage of packaging management and technical personnel, and the poor technological innovation ability of enterprises. According to the survey of China Packaging Technology Association, there is a shortage of senior management and technical talents in China's packaging industry. In recent years, the newly absorbed and introduced talents are far behind other industries. In addition, due to the impact and containment of multinational packaging companies, China's packaging equipment and raw materials are still heavily dependent on imports. After China's entry into WTO, multinational packaging companies have entered China on a large scale with their capital and technological advantages, which has brought unprecedented impact to China's packaging market

"Asian packaging center": the new cohesion of the industry

the recently concluded China Packaging Association meeting passed an important resolution to implement the work of the World Packaging Organization to build an Asian packaging center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. China's packaging industry finally reached a consensus, that is, to build the "aircraft carrier" of the Asian packaging manufacturing center with the efforts of the whole industry

the packaging industry is known as "a sunrise industry that will never decline". Now the world's packaging market share has exceeded 800 billion US dollars every year, and China has also developed at an annual growth rate of more than 18%. Not long ago, in the competition with more than a dozen cities in many Asian countries, Hangzhou won the Asian packaging manufacturing center to settle on the Bank of Xizi lake with a good investment environment. This project, which is considered as "a major event in the world packaging industry", is of great significance to meet the transfer of world manufacturing to China

the Asian packaging center is planned to cover a total area of 100 square kilometers, with a total investment attraction and direct investment of 20 billion US dollars, and an annual output value of 30 billion US dollars after completion. According to this goal, the processing zone and the center headquarters are planned. The processing zone will attract leading packaging enterprises to gather with its own advantages to form a cluster

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