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In recent years, as an important branch of computer science, artificial intelligence has been widely concerned by people from all walks of life because of its operability, substantiation and interactivity. Like the steam engine in the steam age, the generator in the electrical age, and the computer and interconnection in the information age, artificial intelligence is becoming a decisive force to promote mankind into the intelligent age. Countries all over the world have fully realized the significance of AI technology leading a new round of industrial reform with an import amount of US $66.79 million, and have focused on development, rushing to lay out the AI innovation ecosystem

with the development of big data, cloud computing, interconnection, IOT and other information technologies in the next four years, ubiquitous sensing data and graphics processors and other computing platforms promote the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology represented by deep neural networks, which has greatly crossed the "technological gap" between science and application, such as image classification, speech recognition, Knowledge Q & A, man-machine game Driverless and other AI technologies have achieved a technological breakthrough from "unavailable and difficult to use" to "usable", ushering in a new upsurge of explosive growth

what we are talking about here is the intelligent UAV teaching platform system in the artificial intelligence specialty of colleges and universities, which aims to cultivate innovative high-quality talents with the research and development ability of artificial intelligence UAVs and the ability to solve complex problems in the field of artificial intelligence

professional course of indoor multi rotor control platform based on indoor optical positioning system

indoor multi rotor control platform based on indoor optical positioning system, It can carry out practical teaching of formation communication principle, cluster algorithm, UAV cluster operation and so on. Let the school laboratory focus on the key technology research of UAV cluster such as UAV multi machine cooperative formation, test the theoretical results, improve the experimental efficiency, and greatly promote the integration process of teaching and research, and accelerate the progress of teaching and scientific research

system composition:

optical indoor positioning system

multi rotor aircraft

formation control station based on MATLAB or ROS

experimental guidance package (instructions, videos, routines)

system features:

unified platform, high efficiency and ease of use, strong support for scientific research

body MINI has a long endurance, is perfectly compatible with the platform

authoritative textbook level guidance, and formulates industry standards

videos and routines from shallow to deep, Easy to get started

experimental courses for artificial intelligence in Colleges and universities are as follows:

multi rotor filter design

design of multi rotor fixed-point position controller

design of multi rotor path following controller

design of multi rotor tracking controller

multi rotor obstacle avoidance controller design

multi rotor area coverage decision design

multi aircraft formation control design

multi machine delivery decision design

integrated UAV flight control development and design platform course based on model design

the integrated UAV flight control development and design platform based on model design is a teaching and experimental platform for the rapid development of multi rotor control algorithm based on pixhawk and MATLAB, which strongly helps school laboratories and research institutes to carry out flight control course experiments or the rapid development of aircraft control algorithm

system composition:

multi rotor aircraft matlab/simulink model

pixhawk dy edu flight control

dy-350 edu UAV

Hardware in the loop multi rotor aircraft simulator

remote controller and receiver

experimental guidance package (instructions, videos, routines)

system features:

low technical threshold, more focused on control algorithm development

simplify the complexity and get twice the result with half the effort

logic and systematicness coexist, and a rigorous and efficient R & D process is constructed

code migration is convenient and fast, saving development costs

scientific planning, from shallow to deep, and gradually promote

college AI can offer courses:

multi rotor power system design

multi rotor modeling

multi rotor sensor calibration

multi rotor filter design

multi rotor attitude controller design

multi rotor fixed-point position controller design

semi autonomous multi rotor flight control decision design

multi rotor failure protection logic design

autonomous slam navigation obstacle avoidance system course based on machine vision unmanned platform

The autonomous slam navigation obstacle avoidance system based on the machine vision unmanned platform is a full-featured development and testing environment developed for all scientific research teams and university laboratories, which has perfect hardware, complete functions, complete development environment and leads the development of the industry. It has the functions of stereo vision, motion estimation, dense reconstruction, Slam navigation, path planning, autonomous obstacle avoidance and so on, so that all scientific research teams can focus on the research of slam navigation obstacle avoidance algorithm

system composition:

visual slam navigation obstacle avoidance system development control platform

UAV system

binocular vision acquisition system

airborne visual AI processing system

system features:

integrated development environment

complete open source code

perfect matching course system

professional training and guidance services

College AI courses:

binocular stereo vision solid depth calculation Method design and implementation

algorithm design and implementation of dense reconstruction of three-dimensional space

algorithm design and implementation of autonomous slam motion state estimation of UAV

algorithm design and implementation of autonomous slam navigation and positioning of UAV

algorithm design and implementation of autonomous slam navigation path planning of UAV

algorithm design and implementation of autonomous slam navigation and obstacle avoidance of UAV

intelligent UAV teaching platform system of artificial intelligence specialty in Colleges and universities is designed and implemented by Beijing airlines The Bo 2.10 test mold graduated from famous universities such as aerospace university, Tsinghua University and Harbin Institute of technology is composed of scholars and masters in addition to meeting the technical requirements of this standard. Several highly qualified professors and associate professors serve as technical consultants, ensuring the progressiveness of the R & D environment and equipment and the foresight of the industry technology. It has domestic first-class core technologies in many fields, such as UAV design and development system, flight control, wind stability, slam visual navigation, clustering and collaboration, high-precision indoor positioning system, unmanned vehicle, etc., and has a number of domestic technical patents

under the background of vigorously promoting the artificial intelligence major in Colleges and universities, the company Beijing Zhuoyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. aims to become a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, design, production and sales of artificial intelligence in the field of education and scientific research. At present, it has reached strategic cooperation with many colleges and universities to provide a full range of technical service guarantee for colleges and universities to open artificial intelligence majors

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