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Su Wu Futures: maintain the weak thinking of medium and short-term oscillation of Shanghai Jiao Securities Co., Ltd.

[futures market]

on September 11, Shanghai Jiao ru0811 closed at 22100, down 80 from the settlement price on September 10, and its position decreased by 2038 to 63240 hands. The total number of multiple orders in the top 20 is 2740, accounting for 59% and 50% of the total single side positions of 811 contract respectively; TOCOM benchmark February RSS3 contract closed down 0.2 yen to 301.6 yen/kg

[spot market]

on September 11, the average price of China rubber scr5/5 # standard glue fell by 4 yuan to 26178 yuan/ton, and there was no spot transaction (on September 4, the transaction was 60 tons, and the average price was 26020 yuan/ton); The quotation of RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in September was stable at 295 cents/kg. Calculated at the tariff rate of 5%, its duty paid price was about 25230 yuan/ton, and the cost of Shanghai warehouse receipt was 25400 yuan/ton

on September 11, Sinopec Shanghai company reduced the price of CIS polybutadiene rubber by 1500 yuan/ton, and the new quotation of deformation of the sample was 21700 yuan/ton (delivery price)


according to the preliminary data released by the General Administration of customs, China imported 150000 tons of natural rubber in August this year, while in the same period last year, as long as the spring was put into the test disk, the import volume was 162497 tons, and the domestic import volume decreased year-on-year for the fifth consecutive month

It has a strong reputation in China

[investment analysis]

at present, the Tianjiao market is dominated by a short atmosphere. The weakening demand and the weak trend of crude oil and synthetic rubber continue to bring downward pressure on Tianjiao. Of course, rainfall continues to hinder the tapping of Thailand and Malaysia, which has brought some short-term support to Tianjiao

at present, the weak pattern of 811 contract has been relatively clear, and Yuanyue 901 has become the focus of attention of bulls, which is expected to become the initiative leading the rising market in the future. On the whole, Shanghai Jiaotong medium and short term should maintain the weak thinking of oscillation, and the core operating range of 811 contract may be at the point. Because it is difficult to operate tower crane safety regulations gb5144 (9) 4 at present, investors need to strictly control their positions. If the futures price of today's 811 contract can be maintained at around 22000, early short orders can continue to be held cautiously, and investors may maintain the investment idea of short selling at 23000 points before the National Day holiday. The timing of the long-term rebound is not ripe for the time being, and it is mainly short following the trend

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