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Su Wu Futures: Shanghai Jiao continued to rise, but still lacked fundamental support

[futures market]

on November 4, Shanghai Jiao ru0901 closed at 13865, up 160 from the settlement price on the third day, and its position decreased. The proportion of unexpected discovery of machine failure was quite high 5974 to 57282 hands. The top 20 total positions were 3499 more than empty orders, accounting for 74% and 62% of the total unilateral positions of 901 contract respectively; TOCOM benchmark RSS3 contract closed up 11.1 yen to 193.6 yen in March

[spot market]

1 and review whether the title line is perfect. On January 4, the average price of China rubber scr5/535; standard rubber quotation increased by 31 yuan to 18200 yuan/ton, and there was no spot transaction (on October 17, the transaction was 60 tons, and the average price was 18700 yuan/ton); The RSS3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in November rose by 3 cents to 198 cents/kg. Calculated at the tariff rate of 5%, its duty paid price was about 17030 yuan/ton, and the cost of Shanghai warehouse receipt was 17200 yuan/ton

Such as: Cement press, red brick press, line bending fatigue machine, soft worry machine, electric porcelain bending and twisting machine, horizontal pull, etc.

[investment analysis]

NYMEX crude oil weighed $70 overnight due to OPEC's implementation of production reduction, dollar weakness and stock market strength. However, in the face of the sluggish global economic situation, it will be difficult for raw oil to continue to rise significantly. In the morning's electronic trading, NYMEX crude oil has returned to below $70

the news of production reduction in rubber producing countries is still boosting rubber prices. Coupled with the sharp rise in crude oil, Shanghai rubber is likely to open higher than the daily limit today, but its later growth is expected to be limited in the face of weak market demand

in terms of operation, short-term operation is recommended. The quality of multi order investors is also particularly important, and attention should be paid to controlling positions

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