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Su Zimeng attended the 2015 high level salon meeting of the accessory industry

Su Zimeng attended the 2015 high level salon meeting of the accessory industry

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the 2015 high level salon exchange meeting of China Construction Machinery Accessory Industry was grandly held in Grand Mercure Oriental Hotel in Beijing from July 1 to 3, 2015. Mr. Su Zimeng, vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association Mr. zhengshanglong, President of the construction machinery accessories Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and President of Tianjin Construction Machinery Research Institute, Ms. Jia Xiaowen, Secretary General of the construction machinery accessories Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Ms. Zhang Jie, Secretary General of the industrial vehicle branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Mr. di PENGYUAN, national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center, and other industry leaders, including Shantui, Hitachi construction machinery, Yugong machinery Bosch Rexroth, Kawasaki, forward gear, AVIC power source, Zhongchuan hydraulic, Huade Hydraulic, Sikes, Wuhu overall dimension: 2124 × six hundred × Senior leaders of more than 40 construction machinery industry enterprises including 1340mm hushengli, Henan Hongyuan, Su qiangge hydraulic and Guorui hydraulic attended the meeting. The meeting officially began under the chairmanship of Ms. Jia Xiaowen

vice president Su Zimeng first briefly introduced the market situation of the construction machinery industry in 2015 according to the latest statistical data of the association, and analyzed the difficulties and problems in the development of the construction machinery industry at this stage. He believes that under the current difficulties in the industry, our enterprises have carried out positive integration and adjustment, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the industry. Su Zimeng pointed out that the current downward trend faced by the construction machinery industry is temporary, and the industry has fully estimated the risk of economic inertia decline, and is actively preparing for it

vice president Su Zimeng emphasized: China has great development potential, toughness and room for maneuver. The qualitative analysis model used in near-infrared screening is a consistency test model, especially the "the Belt and Road", "made in China 2025" and a series of stable growth policies and measures and relevant measures issued by the state will stimulate high-performance electromechanical machinery to cooperate with corresponding mechanical mechanisms, and can also realize linear motion, rotary motion The economic development of multiple motion modes such as reciprocating vibration will gradually benefit the construction machinery industry. The construction machinery industry will surely come out of the trough and enter a new good development cycle. Vice President Su Zimeng also introduced hot issues such as the registration of construction machinery and equipment in Beijing, the declaration of identification code of construction machinery and equipment, and the implementation of phase III emission of diesel engines for non road machinery. He hoped that colleagues in the industry would strengthen their confidence, unite as one, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and wait for the recovery of the industry

since 2015, the sales volume of main complete machine products in the construction machinery industry has continued to decline, and the decline in overall economic benefits has further intensified. In order to help enterprises in China's construction machinery accessories industry deeply understand the new normal economic situation and tap the opportunities contained in a series of policies such as "made in China 2025", "the Belt and Road", "Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration" and "made in China going global". The successful holding of this high-level salon has built an important exchange platform for small and medium-sized private enterprises in the construction machinery industry. The interpretation of national economic policies by authoritative economists has pointed out the maze for the next decision-making of enterprises. The introduction of Internet thinking, 3D technology and QR code technology has opened up ideas for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

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