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Su Fengzheng: Mini LED will become another opportunity for Longda's operation and growth.

after years of research and development in Taiwan, all factories will ship Mini led successively in the second half of this year. Among them, Taiwan LED factory Longda took the lead in announcing that mini LED products have been shipped in the third quarter. Su Fengzheng, chairman of the board, believes that from next year, the penetration rate of mini led in all sizes of displays will be accelerated and significantly improved. For Longda, who entered the slot first, It will be another opportunity for operational growth

the first wave of E-sports display

Taiwan LED factory has experienced the bargaining and market competition of the land factory in the lighting market in the past few years. The way to cope with this is to withdraw from the lighting market or switch to a higher Mini LED market. After several years of research and development, the mini LEDs of each factory were successively shipped in the second half of this year. Among them, Longda's first wave of shipment is mainly for 32 inch E-sports market displays. Since the gross profit margin of this product is significantly better than that of all current product lines, the gross profit margin of Longda will be increased this year and next year. After the expansion of future shipments, it is expected to become the main force to promote the growth of performance

Su Feng is aiming at the mini led shipment target, saying that the rapid increase of market penetration in the future is expected, and under the relatively high cost and price, mini led must start from the professional market at the top of the market pyramid, and then gradually expand to the commercial and household markets. Therefore, the initial shipment volume and operation proportion will not be too high

penetration rate will rise next year

Su Fengzheng revealed that most customers are still in the design stage this year, but the application will gradually expand next year. In the future, it may show double-digit penetration. As long as a monitor panel factory changes 5% of the backlight to mini led, it can consume at least half of the production capacity

although the ratio of mini LED products to Londa's shipments this year and next is still in the initial stage of improvement, under the relatively good gross profit margin, it will still be beneficial to the overall gross profit margin and profit performance. Su Fengzheng also expects that more manufacturers will adopt Mini led next year, including it, automotive, aviation, medical and other applications

one stop service creates advantages

as for whether the price competition of the continental factory in recent years will continue to the mini led, Su Fengzheng believes that the technical threshold of the mini LED is high, and unlike lighting, it can lock in the sales of simple LED components. In the short term, at least Lunda is still not afraid of the competition of the continental factory in the mini LED market

Su Fengzheng stressed that mini LED will eventually move towards technology integrated services. He said that Longda has the foundation of backlight customers, and from the perspective of system integration, it is not simply selling components, but integrating the control system behind it. Longda not only has these capabilities, but also can provide customers with one-stop service, and will be able to resist the competition of mainland funded factories in the future

smart backlight can be imported

on the applications attracting attention in the market, Su Fengzheng said that at present, the application of mini led in backlight is different from each manufacturer's design due to the annual growth rate of more than 17.2%. In terms of 5.5-inch wisdom, the use of mini led ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. Depending on the design of each manufacturer, and the cost varies greatly, so it is still in the early stage of technology, and all factories are promoting new designs, looking forward to reducing the number of mini LEDs, The cost structure of mini LED is expected to be better than OLED. It is expected that a few smart models are expected to start using mini LED backlight this year

adjust the production line order to strengthen the physique

in terms of operation and company physique adjustment, Longda will not only promote new products this year, but also carry out two important layouts: first, re plan and reorganize its production lines to improve production efficiency; The second is to eliminate most orders without gross profit margin for the necessary instrument and lamp business that accounted for a high proportion of revenue but could not bring profits in the past. The two adjustments are also expected to have an immediate effect on the operation next year

Su Fengzheng said that Longda's new Chuzhou factory in Anhui Province was relocated in March this year. The factory plans to produce finished products from semiconductors, chips and packaging in the front section, and the shopkeepers only care about price. In addition to being the main manufacturing base, they will also do better supply chain management

he stressed that the current production activities of the plant include backlight and lighting packaging, lamp strip, module and grain back-end testing. This year, the manufacturing and production originally scattered in Taiwan and Xiamen will be concentrated in one place, and the personnel management efficiency will also be improved

optimizing the supply chain will be effective next year

in addition, Longda will also better integrate the supply chain. Su Fengzheng pointed out that the production capacity of the new Chuzhou plant will be fully in place at the beginning of the fourth quarter, while the Taiwan plant will mainly produce new business technologies such as 3D face recognition and mini LED backlight display

in addition, in order to effectively centralize the supply chain, Su Fengzheng said that major material factories for packaging, such as PCB factories, would be invited to build "factory in factory" at the new factory in Chuzhou, thereby saving transportation, packaging and other related costs and time. For optimizing the supply chain, it is expected that the time for suppliers to set up factories in Chuzhou plant will take nine months, and the centralized benefits of the supply chain are expected to appear in the second half of next year; As for the overall production efficiency of the new plant in Chuzhou, the integration benefits will gradually appear next year

the proportion of lighting products has been low

in terms of lighting products with relatively low gross profit margin, Lunda has greatly reduced the proportion of LED lighting lamps since the fourth quarter of last year. In the first quarter of this year, the centralized production of lighting lamps has been completed. The proportion of lamp operation in the third quarter is half less than that in the second quarter, and will be reduced again in the fourth quarter. It is estimated that only high-level and high-power lighting niche products will be left in the fourth quarter, and the proportion has been very low

Su Fengzheng said that in terms of the cost structure of lamps and lanterns, the cost of LED in lighting lamps and lanterns has been significantly reduced from 30% to 10%. Other costs are the surrounding iron and plastic parts of lamps and lanterns, while Longda is a semiconductor factory, not an iron factory or hardware store, so it is inevitable to significantly reduce the proportion of lamps and lanterns. After several quarters of adjustment, the gross profit margin in the third quarter is expected to climb, and the profit in a single quarter is about the same as that in the second quarter, but better than that in the same period last year; In the future, with the reduction of the proportion of lighting and the increase of the proportion of other automotive and new application products, the operation will gradually grow

automotive products also have space

as for most led factories that want to attack automotive products, Su Feng regular said that the automotive market is very special, and it is not easy to squeeze into the supply chain of automotive factories. Generally speaking, it takes about three to five years to squeeze into the original supply chain of a large automobile, from product sample delivery to verification. For this, Longda has invested for more than three years, and automotive products account for about 2% to 3% of shipments at present, The operating results of the past few years have gradually emerged, and there is still room for improvement in the operating share of the vehicle market in the future

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