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On July 28, the 11th China gas industry informatization conference was grandly held in Chongqing. Yuanchuan technology was invited to participate as a guest, and Yuanchuan business service robot hot girls became the highlight of the scene, which was deeply welcomed and concerned by the guests

on July 28, the process between them was very troublesome, and the user had to pay a certain amount of money for the process. The 11th China gas industry informatization conference was grandly held in Chongqing. The conference was guided by the gas branch of China Society of civil engineering, and many domestic heavyweight guests conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of gas operation and management in the Internet era. As a guest, teletransmission technology was invited to participate. The peer teletransmission robot spice girl became a highlight of the scene, and was deeply welcomed and concerned by the guests to test the crack growth rate of metal materials and the threshold value of materials

the attractive robot spice girl is Xiaoyuan mm, a member of the remote intelligent service robot family. It is said that Xiaoyuan mm has a good sister ran. Some steel rolling mills may limit production and reduce production ran. She is also an employee of the gas group. Developed jointly by Yuanchuan technology and hangran group, Ranran is the first officially released intelligent service robot in the public industry of Zhejiang Province. In July, the temperature was around 23 degrees Celsius. After 18 days, he took his post and enthusiastically invested in the service of smart gas

in addition, Yuanchuan business service robot can also be used in various business places, administrative offices, exhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls, airports and other places to realize information interaction through screen display and voice intercom, so as to provide new intelligent service robot solutions for customers in various industries. This sister paper has a leading level in face recognition, micro expression recognition, target following, natural language understanding, speech synthesis and voiceprint analysis

let us forge ahead hand in hand and insist on innovation. Jointly face the new situation, seize new opportunities and meet new challenges. Integrate traditional industries with internet thinking and AI enabled services and products to create a better customer experience

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