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China has 13 animation enterprises with assets of more than 100 million

there are 13 animation enterprises with assets of more than 100 million in China, including 2 listed companies. The products and quality of animation are constantly improving. This was disclosed by Gao Zheng, deputy director of the industry department of the Ministry of culture in the "2013 national animation brand construction and protection plan" project promotion yesterday

according to Gao Zheng, at present, China's animation industry has the characteristics of three major industries with an annual output value of more than 100 million and only about 10: first, the view of the big animation industry is deepening. Including aerospace, education, medical, health and other industries, are permeated with the shadow of the new generation of animation industry; Second, the emergence of animation swimming, animation industry in the field of comics, animation and games, and other areas of mutual penetration; Third, the rapid development of new media is conducive to the rapid development of the animation industry

2. Excellent low temperature resistance

at the policy level, the state has always taken a positive attitude to support the animation industry. From 2008 to 2012, there were up to 500 animation enterprises, 34 key enterprises and 64 key animation products recognized by the state, of which 22 enterprises enjoyed the national import tariff preference. With the pressure of 120 ~ 140 bar in the mixing head of animation enterprises and the continuous increase and expansion of the scale, the quality of animation products is also continuously improving, and China's animation industry has entered the optimization and upgrading stage

Gao Zheng said that recently, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of Taxation and the General Administration of Customs granted a number of animation enterprises the national preferential import tariff policies, which shows the national policy support and support for the animation industry

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