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China enterprise communications officially launched Beijing Kechuang cloud data center in July 2017 (Beijing) China Enterprise Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Enterprise Communications) announced that its new cloud data center, Beijing Kechuang cloud data center, located in Yizhuang, Beijing, was officially launched. This is not only another important measure of the layout of China enterprise communication in the cloud data center, but also realizes the integrated cloud data center system serving enterprises across the country, and further strengthens the comprehensive strength of China enterprise communication in providing rich and efficient cloud services for enterprises

Mr. heweizhong, President of China enterprise communications, and Mr. Li Kai, former deputy director of the national information center and vice president of the China Information Association, jointly launched the Beijing Kechuang cloud data center

science and technology are changing with each passing day. While changing the way of life and work, they also promote the development of industrial digitalization. Mobile, big data, cloud computing and IOT are forcing traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade. The advent of the Internet + era has realized information and digitalization, and has also brought massive data. Enterprises not only put forward higher requirements for the computing capacity, operation and maintenance capacity and management capacity of the data center, but also need a huge storage system to store a large number of key data. As an early ICT service provider engaged in virtual cloud computing services in China, China enterprise communications not only witnessed this change, but also helped enterprises' digital transformation by providing one-stop solutions for consulting, design, deployment and operation and maintenance

today, with the launch of Beijing Kechuang cloud data center, China enterprise communications will be able to more comprehensively strengthen the overall business development and optimize the strategic layout. Beijing Kechuang cloud data center is located in Yizhuang, Beijing, with a superior geographical location and close proximity to large-scale Internet, automobile, pharmaceutical and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The total area of Kechuang cloud data center is 44000 square meters. Based on world-class facilities and technology platforms, as well as high-quality network resources, and in accordance with international t3+ standards, it meets the needs of enterprises for the reliability, expansion and security of new cloud data centers. Unlike traditional data centers, China enterprise communication cloud data centers not only provide cabinet hosting and networking services for enterprises, but also integrate diversified solutions such as information security, cloud computing and unified management. At the same time, they can support complex private cloud and hybrid cloud environment requirements, and provide 7* 24 operation and maintenance support system, customized cabinet services and richer value-added services, such as remote services Intelligent cabinet management system and wide area acceleration service. In addition, China Enterprise Communications Beijing Kechuang cloud data center can cooperate with Beijing Jiuxianqiao and other cloud data centers in other cities to provide enterprises with cloud data center services of cross regional disaster recovery/backup service friction disk rotation, disaster recovery and backup mechanism, comprehensively guarantee enterprise data, and meet enterprise customers with ultra-high requirements for data center and cloud computing

Mr. heweizhong, President of China enterprise communications, signed an on-site contract with Mr. liaoxiaotong, vice chairman of CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. and general manager of CITIC Guoan Guangshi Network Co., Ltd.

ushered in a good opportunity to build a real five-star cloud data center for enterprises

according to the research of Accenture, 58% of enterprises are trying to obtain new profit points through digital means, 26% of organizations are fully prepared to implement digital strategies. At the same time, they are also facing greater challenges, such as the lack of innovative technology to support agile applications, the security of confidential data, the increase of mobile workload, and how to ensure business continuity

Mr. fengyongming, director of operation and maintenance of China enterprise communication network, shared how the new cloud data center can meet the needs of users. This kind of connection enables us to establish another important goal on the page.

Mr. heweizhong, President of China enterprise communication, said that the constant innovation we often say is our core value. The era of digital transition economy has come, and the traditional data center can no longer meet the complex application needs of enterprises. In the Internet + era, enterprises need to pay a high price and a lot of resources to maintain the technical level. Therefore, it is the best choice to choose a professional and reliable ICT service partner. As a professional ICT hosting service expert, he has already established a high-quality service platform for customers. A professional team close to it technology supports everything the enterprise needs, so that enterprises can focus on their business development. Today, combined with years of rich experience in serving enterprise customers and in-depth insight into various vertical industries, China enterprise communications has launched a new cloud data center, focusing on building a five-star ideal home for industrial applications and data hosting. What we have built is not only the high-quality hardware strength of China enterprise communication cloud data center, but also the high-quality service capability. We believe that only a new cloud data center that keeps pace with the times and keeps innovating can meet the higher requirements of customers in the new era

cloud data center datahouse, the guardian of enterprise key data

China enterprise communication has accumulated a large number of successful practices in many industries with good market feedback, such as e-commerce retail, logistics, automobile, finance, real estate, etc. In recent years, driven by a number of innovative ICT solutions, we have successfully supported many benchmarking enterprises to make digital transformation. Through one-stop solutions such as datahouse and smartcloud cloud cloud computing in the cloud data center of Chinese enterprises, enterprises are provided with a dynamic and flexible expansion mechanism from bandwidth, processor, port, memory to storage, and can even pay monthly. At the same time, the Chinese Enterprise Cloud Data Center datahouse can also provide hybrid. The waterproof socks awarded by the new Randy socks industry this time also adopt a three-layer composite structure process to design cloud/public cloud disaster recovery, information security, network acceleration and other value-added services, which will boost the cross regional layout of enterprises throughout the process and make it easy for the end customers of enterprises to realize digital transformation

in addition, the cloud era smartcloud BRR provided by the cloud data center of Chinese enterprises can help enterprises quickly realize their own highly reliable disaster recovery system. Compared with self built disaster recovery, smartcloud BRR in the cloud age can reduce the enterprise's investment by 60% in the first year! With the full-service trusteeship mode, enterprises do not need to invest maintenance manpower, and can fully focus on the development and construction of their own information applications. In addition, China enterprise communications also provides drill support to strengthen the data disaster recovery and recovery process. In the event of a disaster, the loss can be minimized and the service can be continued as soon as possible

Mr. liaoxiaotong, vice chairman of CITIC Guoan Information Industry Co., Ltd. and general manager of CITIC Guoan Guangshi Network Co., Ltd., shared the data center selection driven by business.

Mr. He finally said that the traditional data center is facing a series of challenges such as cost, speed, integration, management, security, resource sharing and dynamic deployment, so it is necessary to build a new cloud data center for the needs of large and medium-sized enterprises in transformation or upgrading. We look forward to bringing highly available data platforms to enterprises after the launch of the China enterprise communications technology innovation cloud data center; We will contribute better services to enterprises in the north and even cross regional enterprises across the country, so that more enterprises can enjoy the five-star cloud data center services based on high-speed network, information security, private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud disaster recovery and other innovative and high-quality ICT services

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China Enterprise Network Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Enterprise Communication) is a subsidiary of CITIC Group. It provides reliable and comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) suppliers for enterprises. It has a good industry reputation, a strong shareholder background, and a wide range of networks Diversified customer resources and perfect customer service ability. At the same time, the company has a number of value-added telecommunications business licenses of category I and category II of the Ministry of information industry, including IP VPN national business license, IDC cross regional business license, ICP national business license, etc. it is also an ICT comprehensive service provider in Chinese Mainland that has obtained multiple certifications of the Ministry of industry and information technology trusted cloud, international TL9000, international ISO9001, international ISO20000, international ISO27001 and international iso27017. With years of operation and cooperation experience with world-renowned partners, China enterprise communications is committed to providing customers and partners with high-end communication services and information technology solutions. It is a reliable partner for enterprises and business partners

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