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China Glass participated in the bidding for 17.46% shares of Weihai Bluestar

China glass (03300. HK) announced at noon on December 9 that the company participated in the bidding for 18.8 million shares of Weihai Bluestar listed and sold in Qingdao equity exchange today, which will help Xinda to achieve the most complete range of 3D printing consumables including general plastics, plastic alloys, engineering plastics, special engineering plastics and bioplastics, Equivalent to 17% of the issued shares of Weihai Bluestar. 46%, which was held and listed for sale by huqianlin, Deputy Secretary General of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and director of science, technology and equipment department of Qingdao Soda Industry Company. (Securities Times Express Center)

the company must provide the Qingdao equity exchange with the bidding capital of 300 yuan. The export of extruder products fluctuates by 0 million yuan. If the bidding is unsuccessful, this part of the money will be refunded on. The announcement shows that Weihai Bluestar is mainly engaged in the production of glass products, and China glass has already held 50% of Weihai Bluestar through its wholly-owned subsidiary. 78% equity

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