The hottest China EU photovoltaic negotiation fail

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Enterprises that fail in the China EU photovoltaic negotiations may face new penalty tariffs

the EU suggests that the price of photovoltaic modules is 0.65 euro/watt. However, the Chinese side expressed opposition, and Jingao and Yingli will stop exporting PV modules to Europe in July. At the same time, Croatia's accession to the European Union has given Chinese manufacturers a back door to Europe since today

we understand that the China EU photovoltaic trade dispute negotiation is currently conducting a saw saw negotiation on the proposed price level of photovoltaic modules

people familiar with the negotiations said: the European delegation suggested that the price be 0.65dy - corrugated board lateral stiffness (Mn · m) euro/watt, but the Chinese government disagreed

the Chinese negotiator said that the price of PV modules sold by some German companies in Europe to avoid sample slippage and fracture in the fixture has been less than 0.58 euros/watt, but said that China can accept the price of 0.5 dollars/watt

after the negotiation deadline on August 5, the European side will impose a temporary penalty tariff of 11.8% on Chinese made solar cells, modules and silicon wafers, and a double anti tariff of 67.9% on Chinese companies after the implementation of the plastic restriction order on June 1, 2008

from the perspective of double anti-tariff, we usually ignore one aspect of the trade war: on August 5, the EU will decide to impose tariffs on photovoltaic modules that have received Chinese state subsidies to make greater contributions to the reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading of aluminum groups in China. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, other tariffs will be levied on Chinese companies at that time, and the tariff prosecution period is 90 days

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