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Now the pace of urbanization is accelerating. Every year, there are billions of square meters of new buildings in China, and the annual demand for doors and windows is increasing year by year. How to choose doors and windows in some residential buildings near the street? Here are some professional suggestions for qiangning home

first: we must choose sound proof windows. Facing the street, the first thing to solve is the noise problem. Therefore, doors and windows with root sound effect must be selected. Generally, double-layer or three-layer hollow tempered glass is selected. The overall workmanship of the windows is good, and they will not be disturbed by noise. For example, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and aluminum clad wood doors and windows are better choices

second: be sure to choose windows with good sealing. Even if you choose the most expensive window, if the sealing is not good, the dust on the roadside will enter the room, causing indoor pollution. Cleaning the house every day is a very hard job

third: the window glass facing the street adopts colored glass. Everyone has privacy, so the glass used on the window facing the street can be seen from the inside out with colored glass, which can fully protect their privacy

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