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The kitchen is one of the most frequently used places in a family, washing vegetables, cooking, brushing pots, washing dishes &hellip& hellip; Anyway, most of what is related to eating should be related to the kitchen. Cabinet is an important part of modern people's kitchen, and its quality is related to the future use experience of the kitchen. Don't say much, let's see how others deal with the cabinets in the decoration process

at that time, it was very early for us to customize the cabinet, and the cabinet body was made of E1 grade board of Lushui River. Here to tell you a little, there are many stores that make cabinets and wardrobes in the market, and some of them claim to be Lushuihe E0 grade boards, which are almost all hype. According to insiders, there is no E0 board in China at all. In addition, only the white board is with the logo of the dew river. If you see the board of other colors without the logo of the dew river, it may not be authentic. We chose the pure white blister door panel with melamine inside, and the shape reflects some European feeling. I like those with vertical lines, but some of them are flat, so I chose a three-dimensional one with a feeling of carving, and the effect is good

in the early stage, we need to determine the basic dimensions of the cabinet, such as the height of the ground cabinet (including the table top) is 82cm, the height of the water retaining strip on the table top is 5cm, the distance between the cabinet and the table top is 70cm, and the height of the cabinet is 70cm. These are relatively fixed dimensions, which are used as the basis for the bricklayer master to paste good bricks and secondary bricks

after tiling, Master Zhang came to make the final measurement of the cabinet. During this measurement, we provided all the electrical dimensions involved in the kitchen to master Zhang comprehensively, so that he could design the cabinet within the limited conditions. After that, my husband and I designed the use area of cabinets at home, and made the choices of drawers, cabinets and baskets. It needs to be said here that generally speaking, the commonly used objects are not oversized objects, such as pots, rice, etc. it is best to choose high cabinets, and others try to use drawers. In addition, pulling baskets is better than drawers, because drawers are more expensive than pulling baskets, and drawers have dead corners. Some cupboards pull baskets to drain water. But I've seen people put two pull baskets into a pair of cabinet doors before. In fact, it's equivalent to opening two cabinet doors before opening the pull basket. It's very inconvenient to use. We simply make a drawer panel outside the basket, and each time we use the basket, we can directly pull it out. Like the drawer, we can take the objects in the back at any time

in the cabinet, the height of the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet and even the distance between the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet are not completely standardized, mainly based on the frequent users of the cabinet. For example, in our family, based on the current situation, I will be a regular user of cabinets. Who makes me have the talent to cook! I'm short, so the design is all based on me. Of course, in order to make do with my husband, I relaxed the restrictions appropriately. For example, the place I can reach on tiptoe will never be reduced to no need to tiptoe, with good intentions

about the countertop of the cabinet, I want to say that the countertop should not be too close to the color of the wall tiles, and a contrast will be more beautiful. At the same time, the color should be light, so that even if there are scratches, it will not be particularly conspicuous. Try to choose a table with more acrylic, which has good gloss and wear resistance

this is a finalized drawing of cabinet size made by me with Excel table. Finally, this size is the main size. This is my sudden whim to use Excel table to make pictures, but I didn't expect some effects

the cabinet detail on the left side of the kitchen. Here is the area for washing and selecting vegetables. There is a microwave oven and oven on the left, and a pipe in the middle of the package. It's actually very ugly. A gas water heater is built in the place of the shutter

cabinet details on the right side of the kitchen, which is used as the cooking area. The blank space on the right is for the refrigerator, which uses space to make a hanging cabinet and put some very uncommon items. The three drawers under the gas stove are very convenient to use. The small cabinet on the far right is designed for cutting boards and panels. Once again, before TXM, it must fully master the size of its own electrical appliances. For example, the range hood is an important play. If not, after the cabinet is installed, the range hood cannot be installed or protrudes, which is very ugly. Our house is opposite the door because the designer and the customer didn't communicate well, and the hanging cabinet was redone

the front of the kitchen is the area of the console. There is a big window in the middle. Similarly, the first cabinet is a drawer, and the next two are baskets, one for dishes, and the other for pots

this is the detailed design drawing of the table top, and the area is clear at a glance

the last one is the effect picture of the installation





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