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On May 28, 2019, "2019 Haikou building door and window industry exchange conference and cmech simec product promotion conference" was grandly held in the banquet hall of Haikou Longquan restaurant

On May 28, 2019, sponsored by Hainan Shoucheng Yuming building materials Co., Ltd., and co organized by Hainan building curtain wall industry association and cmech ximec, the "2019 Haikou building door and window industry exchange conference and cmech ximec product promotion conference" was grandly held in the Longquan wine family banquet hall of Haikou. More than 150 people participated in the event, including Hainan building curtain wall industry association, Hainan real estate developer enterprises, Hainan door building door, window and curtain wall design and manufacturing enterprises, Hainan architectural design units, Hainan building door, window and material suppliers and service supporting suppliers

looking at Hainan as a benchmark in the world

Haikou is the national strategic fulcrum city of the "the Belt and Road" and the core city of China (Hainan) pilot free trade zone (Hong Kong). Hainan curtain wall Association will inject new impetus into the scientific, environmental protection and multi-function of high-end energy-saving system doors and windows, establish a banner in the door and window industry, and go global. Mr. Li Wanchun, President of Hainan curtain wall Association, delivered a speech: from product design to quality, we can see cmech simec's high sense of responsibility and mission to the door and window industry. From cmech simec, we feel strength, and we also very much appreciate cmech simec's pursuit of product quality and the degree of manufacturing automation of the whole enterprise; It is hoped that cmech simec will continue to provide the industry with higher quality products and services and become the wind vane of the industry. At the meeting, Mr. Ju Jiang, the sales director of cmech simec in China, focused on the high-end brand and high-quality products of cmech simec and the development strategy of the company in 2019; Looking at Hainan, it will provide new momentum for the development of high-end door and window industry in Hainan, help the sustainable and qualitative growth of high-end door and window Market in Hainan Province, maximize consumers' demand for high-end door and window hardware, and improve the overall influence of the door and window industry

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