Inspection methods for house decoration precaution

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Formaldehyde is a colorless, toxic gas with a special pungent smell. In newly decorated houses, the possibility of formaldehyde exceeding the standard is very high. If formaldehyde is not removed and moved into the new house, it is likely to cause a variety of diseases., Therefore, for the health of the family, we must do the house decoration inspection before moving in. Only when there is no problem after passing the inspection can we rest assured of moving in, otherwise we may be injured by these pollutants, so how do we do the house decoration inspection? Now let me reveal the answers for you one by one

how to do house decoration inspection? How long will the new house stay after decoration? After the decoration of the new house, the indoor pollution must be relatively large, especially formaldehyde. Many people know that formaldehyde is very harmful, but they don't know how to detect formaldehyde. As everyone knows, only their own detection in addition to formaldehyde, can we implement effective methods to skillfully remove formaldehyde. Therefore, it is necessary to detect indoor formaldehyde before moving in. Next, I'll bring you several simple methods for house decoration detection. Although they are simple, they are effective. Only by understanding the indoor formaldehyde content can you rest assured to check in

house decoration detection method

house decoration detection method 1. Self experience detection method

many people have colds, low immunity, and are prone to headache and dizziness

house decoration detection method 2. Formaldehyde self-test box

self-test box for detection, the error is large, and the detection data is inaccurate, which is only for reference

detection methods for house decoration 3. Reactions of animals and plants

observe the reactions of animals and plants, such as: plants wither and die, and pets get sick

house decoration detection methods 4. Physical and chemical methods

third party detection companies use more, mainly including: gas chromatography, electrochemistry, sensor method

formaldehyde removal methods

I. natural removal method

1. Open windows for ventilation for a period of time, and then check in

2. Plants are placed indoors, such as Chlorophytum comosum, aloe, green pineapple, etc

II. Physical elimination method

1. The use of air purifier has a certain adsorption effect

2. Maya blue material can adsorb and lock harmful molecules

3. Adsorber and adsorbent can catalyze and decompose harmful gases

4. Deodorizer and formaldehyde trapping agent can effectively reduce free formaldehyde in wood-based panels

5. Formaldehyde sealant can reduce formaldehyde emission from furniture

6. Catalytic technology can be used to remove formaldehyde without secondary pollution

precautions before new house check-in

1. The pipeline is used for the first time to drain water for a period of time

2. Do not use acid-base liquid or steel ball to clean the tap

3. Close the main water inlet valve if you don't live in temporarily or travel for a long time

4. Read the instructions before using electricity for the first time

5. The gas stove switches on and off the gas according to the direction sign

6. Solid wood floors should avoid direct sunlight on the ground

editor's summary: the above is the introduction of relevant knowledge about the inspection methods of house decoration and precautions before new house occupancy. I hope it can help friends with this need! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to the mall to buy your favorite products




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