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Schneider Electric uses the interconnected ecostruxure IT architecture to lay out cloud and edge computing

ecostruxuretm IT architecture based on IOT to ensure that it deployment can quickly meet the future needs driven by the development of IOT, cloud computing and edge computing

while achieving high availability and improving operational efficiency, it provides customers with more rapid, flexible and determined integrated solutions for it deployment, and reduces overall costs

thanks to Schneider Electric's excellent ability and technical advantages in the IT field, it has laid a solid foundation for customers' digital transformation with continuous innovation, such as in a driving car

Guangzhou, China, before August 18, 2017, Schneider Electric 2017 Innovation Summit Guangzhou station, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, was successfully held. At the data center and key power branch, Schneider Electric shared its latest insight into the data center market under the digital trend, and elaborated its ecostruxuretm information technology (ecostruxuretm it) architecture based on IOT 2 and gb/t 10007 (2) 008 hard foam shear strength experimental method. By providing full life cycle services and all-round physical infrastructure, and integrating larger data systems, On the premise of ensuring high availability and operational efficiency, help to quickly meet the future needs driven by the development of IOT, cloud computing and edge computing

in the era of Internet of things, the digital transformation driven by IOT continues to promote the comprehensive development of the data center market, which means that the arrival of the digital era, the protection of key information and data has become increasingly important. Explosive massive data is generated and the design of the machine is planned according to the different technologies of customers, and the edge solution solves the problems of delay by making applications and services closer to users and objects. The computing ecosystem presents unprecedented decentralized and hybrid complexity, and brings more and more obvious polarization development. The centralized cloud data center will be supplemented by a diverse combination of edge computing facilities, and more and more computing power will be dispersed to the edge of the network

as a leader in data center infrastructure construction and services, Schneider Electric actively grasps the opportunities brought by the complex development of computing ecology, grasps the market reform trend and customer needs with profound industry insight, and provides complete physical infrastructure solutions and digital services for data centers, edge computing environments and industry applications with innovative infrastructure, software and service solutions, So as to provide interconnected, safe, reliable and efficient solutions for various key application environments, and help customers achieve rapid deployment, excellent operation and green sustainable development

Gu Zhonglin, vice president of data center solution sales of Schneider Electric's IT business department, said at the Guangzhou railway station Summit: thanks to Schneider Electric's excellent ability and technical advantages in the IT field, Schneider Electric ecostruxure it integrates i-0.01~500 mm/mint and ot technologies, with the dual choice of interconnected products, edge and cloud control, and integrates digital applications, analysis and services, By providing one-stop integrated innovative products and solutions that cover the full life cycle services and all-round physical infrastructure, Schneider Electric will provide a solid guarantee for customers' digital needs and transformation into the connected world

specifically, Schneider Electric ecostruxure it can provide innovative technology combinations from the interconnection product layer to the edge control layer, and then to the application, analysis and service layer, including the following three levels:

interconnection products: Schneider Electric can provide core products from medium and low voltage equipment to it space facilities, and more integrated, standardized, modular and prefabricated overall solutions, Provide energy-efficient and highly available physical infrastructure for data centers and other key environments. Taking the newly launched three-phase uninterruptible power supply Schneider Electric Galaxy VX as an example, it can provide energy-efficient, highly reliable and scalable power protection solutions for large and super large data centers. At the same time, it can easily and efficiently access the ecostruxure cloud platform and realize remote monitoring and management. In addition, Galaxy VX is the first to provide a variety of energy storage options such as lithium batteries in UPS, thereby reducing its carbon footprint

edge control: realize local efficient operation, control and management of the data center by providing various data center related software or intelligent operation combination modules. Taking the edge control software as an example, Schneider Electric struxureware data center experts, struxureware data center operation management and other software to real-time local monitoring, emergency management, and improve the transparency of data center operations, optimize and control performance, and reduce costs, which has become an indispensable part of decision-making

application, analysis and service: relying on the application and service of the architecture in the cloud, we can realize the visibility and predictive analysis of key data and the acquisition of services anytime and anywhere. Taking the digital service with Schneider Electric struxureon as the core as an example, we can make full use of IOT to actively provide the data center and facility managers with the information, tools and support needed to predict, prevent accidents and system downtime, so as to optimize the way of data analysis, storage and transmission as operable information, so as to improve the decision-making ability of data center maintenance, normal event operation and accident management

the Guangzhou station of Schneider Electric Innovation Summit attracted the active participation of nearly 1000 industry customers. Many industry leaders and guests of Schneider Electric shared their insights and practices based on digital transformation, and discussed the application innovation and development of the industry. For more information about Schneider Electric ecostruxure it, please click:

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