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Schneider Electric and Alibaba group reached a strategic cooperation and officially settled in 1688 industrial products brand station

recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, and Alibaba Group jointly held a press conference in Hangzhou, announcing that Schneider Electric has settled in 1688 industrial products brand station and officially established a strategic cooperation relationship

Hangzhou, China, August 10, 2018 - recently, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, and Alibaba Group jointly held a press conference in Hangzhou, announcing that Schneider Electric has entered 1688 industrial products brand station and officially established a strategic partnership. The two sides have gathered the strongest strength in the field of electricity and e-commerce to create a business model covering online and offline all channels, create a seamless and high-quality user experience, enable the supply chain and channel digital transformation throughout the process, and finally achieve large-scale cost reduction and efficiency increase, and create a leading example of e-commerce for industrial enterprises

Schneider Electric and Alibaba executives jointly unveiled the launch of the brand station

nowadays, the high popularity of Internet and the comprehensive promotion of informatization and digitalization have laid a solid foundation for the development of e-commerce business in traditional industrial enterprises. The expansion of e-commerce channels will effectively complement and improve the traditional channels with relatively low efficiency and high cost, further optimize the product supply chain, and finally continuously improve customer satisfaction and create more value through more transparent data and better experience

1688 as the flagship business of Alibaba group, the world's leading networking technology enterprise, it is China's leading domestic trade e-commerce platform. Through professional operation, it improves customer experience and comprehensively optimizes the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, its business has covered 56 industry categories, such as raw materials, industrial products, household goods, etc. In August, 2017, 1688 launched the industrial product brand station for the first time, creating a professional industrial product purchase and marketing platform, which solved the problems of industrial product brands that are difficult to reach cities and the digitization of purchase and marketing. Relying on big data, industrial brands can not only accurately focus on buyers, but also achieve accurate matching between the supply side and customers in brand display, marketing promotion and other aspects

Schneider Electric is a leading enterprise in the field of global energy management and automation systems. It has the most complete line of products and solutions suitable for industrial manufacturing, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and other fields in the industry, and is enabling the digital transformation of various industries based on ecostruxure architecture and platform

with the official entry into 1688 industrial products brand station, Schneider Electric will successively launch low-voltage electrical products, including miniature circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, contactors and other industrial control products, covering customers such as small and medium-sized terminal enterprises, small integrators, traders and network distributors, to create a 1+n one-stop full category procurement service, that is, a flagship store +n authorized stores mode, to meet the diverse and complex needs of enterprise procurement, Relying on the professional operation mode of 1688 platform, the existing electricity 2 The R & D of non-standard experimental machines and the standardized management of manufacturer channels, promote the systematic integration of traditional dealers, distributors and other partners, enable the digital transformation of traditional channels, further improve the industry coverage, and optimize customer experience and satisfaction

in addition, the two sides formally reached a strategic cooperation, and will give full play to their outstanding advantages in their respective fields, jointly explore the future development direction of traditional industrial enterprises' e-commerce business, and create greater value:

• whole process enabling supply chain: standardize and flatten the sales channel by providing differentiated and Lean products and services, reduce channel costs, and realize profit appreciation

• data transparency: through more direct collection, collation and analysis of customer big data, we can fully explore and understand customer needs and continue to optimize market strategic planning

• large scale cost reduction and efficiency increase: through the application of digital communication tools, marketing models and information systems, further improve communication and management efficiency, reduce customer acquisition costs, optimize customer relations, and promote the digital transformation of business models and channel partners

• comprehensively optimize customer experience: integrate and optimize service functions including product selection, purchase process, quality and logistics assurance, after-sales and re purchase, form closed-loop marketing, and improve customer satisfaction

Chen Yiming, general manager of Alibaba 1688 industrial market, said for this cooperation: "Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy efficiency management and automation, and its brand awareness has long been fully recognized by the market. As a leading e-commerce platform, 1688 industrial products brand station has a professional and mature operation mode. It is believed that this strong alliance will become a model in the field of industrial e-commerce, and play a positive role in promoting and guiding the future development of the industry."

Chen Yiming, general manager of Alibaba 1688 industrial market

Xi Zhijie, sales director of e-commerce business of Schneider Electric National Sales Department, said: "Alibaba Group's leading position in the field of e-commerce is obvious to all. This cooperation will greatly complement Schneider Electric's channel business, and more importantly, it will become a powerful weapon for Schneider Electric to enable the traditional business model and the digital transformation of channel partners, so as to occupy a favorable position in the more fierce market competition and achieve new breakthroughs in the competition in the new era."

In order to celebrate the official launch of the brand station, Xi Zhijie, sales director of e-commerce business of Schneider Electric's national sales department, the two sides will jointly create the "Schneider Electric super brand week" on August, 2018. At that time, all products in the brand station will participate. The event set up a variety of strong promotional methods, such as multiple gifts, raffles, coupons and so on, to give back the close attention and long-term strong support of the majority of users to Schneider Electric. For more information, please visit Schneider Electric brand station to learn:

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