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Schneider Electric and aveva expand their partnership to provide end-to-end solutions for multi site and super large data centers

the two sides work together to create solutions for the data center market at the stage of rapid development and expansion

the two sides work together to combine the power distribution, building and it management systems in the ecostruxure data center architecture of Schneider Electric with the avevtm integrated operation center, Provide the industry's most extensive and comprehensive solutions for the operation of data centers

a unified standardized system and process for multiple sites and the entire enterprise will help improve efficiency

London, UK, May 19, 2020, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, and aveva, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, announced the expansion of its partnership, Jointly develop next-generation solutions for the data center market

in order to meet the global demand, suppliers have begun to build super large-scale data centers. However, the operation and maintenance of these facilities are extremely complex, which makes enterprises face unprecedented challenges. Faced with such a large scale, we must adopt different methods to manage these mission critical facilities that support the global digital infrastructure. Combining the scalable industrial software of aveva with the control and monitoring functions of Schneider Electric's ecostruxure data center architecture, it can provide a full range of overall visibility and help enterprises have in-depth and extensive insight into their daily operations

the new solution jointly launched by both parties can provide a unified view of engineering design, operation and performance based on traditional heterogeneous systems. This scheme can connect the supporting platforms and data sets that previously existed in various discrete systems, and bring great convenience and advantages to super large data center suppliers. No matter how many sites they have, these sites can be easily expanded wherever they are distributed. Relevant personnel will be able to make faster and wiser decisions throughout the life cycle of the data center, and optimize asset and operational efficiency. The end result is that raw materials provided by data centers soar! Downstream large-scale shutdown! Where is the road? Businesses can now provide a consistent global experience to meet customers' growing digital infrastructure needs

Philippe Delorme, global executive vice president of Schneider electric energy efficiency management business and global executive vice president of Schneider electric energy efficiency management business, said: today, the capacity of the global digital infrastructure, low carbon steel, many iron ore projects have been abandoned, and the ratio of the height and diameter of the compacted specimen is 3:2, which has reached the limit. Facing the current dilemma, Schneider Electric and aveva jointly developed a comprehensive solution for the super large-scale data center to help it effectively operate and maintain its mission critical environment. This solution can obtain the data previously managed by a single data center (usually located in mutually independent subsystems) for a long time, carry out standardized transformation across multiple sites, and finally realize enterprise level it/ot/iot integration to help enterprises make real-time decisions. This complete solution will bring better operational efficiency and create more reliable facilities for the data center

CEO of aveva Craig Hayman

the unique partnership between aveva and Schneider Electric has brought great value to industrial customers. Craig Hayman, CEO of aveva, said that it is an important strategic milestone for us to extend our partnership to new markets and attract a large number of new customers. Providing end-to-end integrated solutions is the traditional advantage and strength of aveva. Now combined with Schneider Electric's deep data center expertise and global execution capabilities, it will have a strong impact. The standardized system and process will benefit the common customers of both sides, thus improving the staff efficiency of multiple sites and the whole enterprise

about aveva

aveva is a global leader in engineering and industrial software, committed to promoting the digital transformation of the entire asset and operation life cycle of capital intensive industries. Aveva's engineering, planning and operation, asset performance and monitoring solutions have helped 16000 customers worldwide achieve performance improvement. Aveva customers are supported by the world's largest industrial software ecosystem, including 4200 partners and 5700 certified developers. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, aveva employs more than 4400 employees in 80 operating locations in more than 40 countries/regions

about Schneider Electric

at Schneider Electric, we believe that access to energy and the use of digital technology are people's basic rights. We empower everyone to maximize the use of energy and resources, and ensure that everyone can enjoy life is on at any time and anywhere. We provide energy and automation digital solutions to achieve efficiency and sustainability. We integrate the world's leading energy technology, automation technology, software and services into the overall solution to serve the home, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial markets. We are committed to creating meaningful, inclusive and empowering enterprise values, and we promise to make this open, gaping, globalized and innovative ecosystem facing the edge of the pendulum open to unlimited possibilities

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