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Schneider Electric joined hands with China University of mining and technology to open school enterprise cooperation. Beijing, China. On June 1, 2020, the industrial interconnection technology application laboratory jointly established by Schneider Electric and China University of mining and technology was unveiled today and officially delivered for use. The event coincided with the 111th anniversary of the China University of mining and technology. Songxuefeng, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of the China University of mining and technology, and pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China's industrial division, unveiled the laboratory on behalf of both parties. The laboratory is designed according to the concept of facing the future, which will provide students with an open scene teaching experience and integrate new technology and digital theory into practice. The completion of the laboratory also marks that China University of mining and technology, which has a history of more than 100 years, and Schneider Electric, which has a history of 184 years in the industrial field, work together to contribute to promoting the training of engineering talents in China

the unveiling ceremony of the industrial interconnection technology application laboratory

software and hardware + cloud platform gives more possibilities for scene teaching.

as the provider of the laboratory architecture and software and hardware and digital solutions for the industrial interconnection technology application, Schneider Electric has frequently appeared on the stage of school enterprise cooperation in recent years. In this regard, pangxingjian believes that with the deepening of networking, digitalization and intellectualization, talents have become the key factor for industrial enterprises to maintain competitiveness. On the road of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial digitalization, Schneider Electric has always made beneficial attempts and innovations after the torque is cleared. Schneider Electric's leading ecostruxure architecture and platform based on IOT is being favored by more and more industrial customers. It has deeply integrated its experience in digital transformation of energy management and industrial automation, and launched the concept of green intelligent manufacturing. The joint establishment of the industrial interconnection technology application laboratory with China University of mining and technology will help students understand more cutting-edge industrial technologies and applications, practice the concept of green intelligent manufacturing, and become a reserve engineering talent for the development of Chinese industrial enterprises

Chen Bin, head of school enterprise cooperation project of Schneider Electric Industrial Automation Division, made a different attempt in the early construction of the laboratory. The design of industrial interconnection technology application laboratory has jumped out of the inherent mode of a single product and a specific experimental scene, but adopted a new idea for innovation facing the future. Schneider Electric has provided the laboratory with SCADA, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, servo and other software and hardware products, including the new Modicon m262 controller integrating logic control and motion control. This controller can be directly put into the cloud, as well as digital solutions such as machine consultants and cloud energy efficiency building consultants based on Schneider Electric's China Digital cloud platform. Chen Bin said: This is like building blocks. We provide an open experimental platform and real scene cases of applications in different industries. Students can realize machine simulation of a single product and a single architecture in a laboratory. 4. When the printing paper roll is used up or the printing handwriting is unclear, the printing paper roll or the printing ribbon should be replaced; Complex machine simulation, as well as digital simulation of process industry, discrete industry and mixed industry scenes, complete knowledge learning and skill training from the foundation, subsystem to the overall system, and the open cloud platform can get rid of the constraints of space, so that scene teaching cases can be shared, exchanged and inherited among different majors and grades throughout the school

more empowerment, deepening school enterprise cooperation

the unveiling and putting into use of the laboratory is a new beginning of the cooperation between Schneider Electric and China University of mining and technology. On the one hand, on the basis of existing software and hardware products, with the increasing demand for new materials such as polysilicon, carbon fiber, lithium electronics, and the rich practice accumulated in the industrial field, Schneider Electric's various types of customer cases will meet the needs of the laboratory for subsequent scene teaching; On the other hand, the future work on curriculum and textbook compilation will also be carried out in succession, and the exchanges and cooperation between the two sides will also be more and more in-depth. As for the setting of the laboratory development plan, caodexin, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and vice president of China University of mining and technology, believes that the completion of the laboratory will help students understand and master more cutting-edge industrial technologies and applications, and will play a positive role in students' better practice of the concept of green intelligent manufacturing and growth into the backbone of the development of Chinese industrial enterprises. Both sides will follow up in laboratory construction, textbook compilation We will continue to strengthen exchanges in curriculum and other aspects to achieve win-win cooperation and common development between schools and enterprises

note: generally, for objects after 20kg, the breaking point ratio can be adjusted to 80 to meet the breaking requirements. The smaller the breaking point ratio, the larger the breaking value grabbed by the sensor, and the larger the breaking point ratio, the smaller the value grabbed by the sensor. In order to support the training of Chinese engineering talents, Schneider Electric launched a university cooperation project in 2006, and has cooperated with more than 100 universities so far. For this cooperation with China University of mining and technology, Chen Bin believes that it has reference significance for the future cooperation between schools and enterprises: it is not limited to product support, but the empowerment of more knowledge, ideas and industry development trends. In school enterprise cooperation, enterprises only provide training equipment, which can bring very limited help to education. Starting with the industry development trend and talent training standards, it can help colleges and universities improve their teaching level and provide more and broader development possibilities for young talents

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