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The dark horse of the SUV era, jia'an px50 test

with the gradual growth of the number of SUVs in the city, tire enterprises have long aimed at this rapidly rising market, and through continuous innovation, they develop special tire models to meet the needs of SUV motivation and handling experience. In September, 2018, Jiatong tire announced the launch of a new sub brand jia'an in the passenger car tire market. The products currently on the market include a special tire for SUV, jia'an px50, which is designed to meet the daily travel needs of SUV owners. China tire Commerce () has conducted a series of professional tests to reveal the truth about the performance of this product, which focuses on durability and quietness

I. tire introduction

jia'an px50 is an SUV special tire with durability and quietness, which can meet the daily travel needs of SUV owners. It can also be seen from the specifications that the positioning of this tire covers almost all common SUV tire models, with 17 and 18 inch specifications accounting for the majority. The tire size selected for this test is 215/55 R18

II. Pattern analysis

the main silent tires are extremely exquisite in pattern design. Through the adjustment of arrangement and distribution, we can achieve the best noise reduction scheme. Let's see how jia'an solves this problem

pattern design:

the dynamic friction coefficient between rubber and metal is between 1 and 4 during vehicle driving. The collision between the pattern block and the road will produce a certain amount of tire noise. The size of this kind of noise is related to the length, width and shape of the tire pattern groove. When the sound waves generated by different pattern blocks gather together, the phenomenon of enhancement or cancellation will occur. Jia'an px50 adopts a multi pitch staggered pattern block design, which can offset the peak and trough energy in the process of noise transmission, thereby reducing the sound loudness. On the other hand, through the closed shoulder design, the noise is locked in the groove, preventing the outward diffusion of sound waves

drainage performance:

four longitudinal drainage ditches are designed to ensure the full drainage performance of the tire. The transverse groove adopts a closed design, taking into account the noise reduction effect, while the chamfered section can effectively prevent the crimping effect of the tread block in the braking process, widen the tire ground, increase friction, and at the same time, the tread edge can ensure that the transmission sensitive edge can scrape off the water film, which can effectively shorten the wetland braking distance

III. parameter structure

1 carcass structure

the tread of the tire is composed of two layers of polyester fiber, two layers of steel belt and one layer of nylon covering layer. The sidewall is made of two layers of polyester fiber cord. The high-strength double-layer carcass structure makes the tire have stronger impact resistance, and the impact strength transmitted to the vehicle body when impacted by the road is smaller and smoother

2 wear resistance index

wear resistance index is usually between. The higher the value, the more wear-resistant it is and the longer the driving mileage will be. The tread wear index of px50 is 420, which is high, in line with its selling point of wear resistance. The grade of grip is grade A, which has reached the due level of the same level

IV. static test

the depth of the groove has reached 9.36mm. Increasing the drainage of the wetland ensures sufficient friction. At the same time, the deepening of the groove can also increase the wear volume and prolong the service life of the tire

the measured crown hardness is 62.5ha, and the sidewall hardness is 55ha. I believe there will be no big problem in terms of comfort

v. dynamic test

the items of tire dynamic test include the following five items: km/h dry ground acceleration time, 100km/h-0 dry ground braking distance, 80km/h-0 wetland braking distance, 18m equidistant limit pile around data, vehicle interior noise level, etc., to test the dynamic performance and driving experience of this tire

the test site is a common asphalt road in the urban area

test environment

in the test, the same project is tested in the same site. The tester, environment, temperature, etc. of self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof membrane jc840 ⑴ 999 should be consistent as far as possible to reduce unnecessary uncertainties. The weather on the test day is sunny, the air temperature is about 20.3 degrees Celsius, and the surface temperature is about 27.0 degrees Celsius

test model

there are some things you need to believe in before they exist. You need to believe in yourself and miracles. Don't be sad and don't be afraid, because you are the miracle. Only those who believe in miracles will choose you

tire change

1. Km/h dry acceleration test

km/h acceleration is a test of the longitudinal grip of the tire. The better the grip, the shorter the acceleration time. During the test, use gear d, turn off the traction assistance and body stability system, use the ejection starting method to accelerate, and conduct five tests, and take the best group

The best result of

km/h dry acceleration is 13.02s. When starting, the tire does not slip, and the amplitude is very small during driving, so the overall comfort is high

2, km/h dry braking test

100km/h-0 braking distance is an important standard to measure the braking force of vehicles. It has many advantages over traditional experimental methods, and has a crucial impact on vehicle performance and even driving safety

the depth of the groove reaches 9.36mm. Increasing the drainage of the wetland ensures sufficient friction. At the same time, the deepening of the groove can increase the wear volume and prolong the service life of the tire

3, km/h wetland braking test

due to the objective factors of the site, the wetland conditions of this test can not be compared with the professional tire test site to accurately control the water film thickness of the road, which can only simulate the wet and slippery state of the road after natural rain, but such an environment can also test the wet grip ability of the tire to a certain extent

also accelerate the vehicle to 100km/h, and then brake with full force in the wetland until the vehicle stops completely. Do this for 5 times to get the best result. Most of the time, I don't think the tire has insufficient grip when it's on dry ground, but it's obvious when it's on wet ground

the measured km/h wetland braking distance is 24.88 meters, which is very outstanding in the wetland braking distance

4. Pile Wrapping test

limit pile wrapping mainly inspects the grip and lateral support of the tire. Around the pile for 18 meters in the dry land, there is no slip phenomenon. The whole experience is light, and the sharp turn is very accurate. In the same positioning products, the controllability of px50 master gymnastics is commendable

5. Noise test

use a noise tester to measure the noise level in the car at the speed of 60km/h and 80km/h respectively. In terms of mute, the performance of px50 is really eye-catching. From low-speed impact to high-speed driving, the whole process can effectively suppress tire noise


all round tires have always been an unattainable pursuit. When a certain performance is outstanding, it is bound to compromise on the other hand, which is an objective existence that cannot be ignored. Consumers' choice of tires is based on comprehensive considerations. In the same price and level, jia'an px50 has achieved the ultimate in comfort and silence. If you enjoy the quiet and comfortable daily travel experience, this jia'an px50 will be the first choice

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