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Schneider Electric delivered the "green answer sheet" for Su Shimin College of Tsinghua University. Before July 3, 2017, Schneider Electric, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced that through ecostruxure for the building market, it will build a building management platform based on IOT and a seamless integrated power management system, Helping to highlight the charm of high-end brands, sushimin College of Tsinghua University has successfully passed LEED gold and domestic GBL two-star double certification, becoming the most intelligent and sustainable comprehensive international business school in China

Su Shimin Academy

Schwarzman scholars is a master's degree program specially designed by Tsinghua University for future world leaders to continuously improve global leadership. As a building that integrates open teaching, teacher-student interaction, quality training and life services, Su Shimin academy is designed by Robert a.m. stern, Dean of Yale University School of architecture and one of the founders of postmodern architectural style

as the design of western architects refers to Western standards, they attach great importance to the comfort of buildings and the health of users, and put forward detailed and strict requirements for indoor air quality, drinking water quality, green energy conservation, etc., with high construction process standards. This brings severe challenges to the design, management and donor China Resources Land in the whole process of the project. During the construction process, the western design standards and languages are seamlessly connected with the project management of oriental architecture

when choosing partners, China Resources Land and Schneider Electric hit it off with each other in creating a people-oriented user experience and paying attention to the design and management of higher education facilities. Schneider Electric donated building energy system, energy management system, intelligent lighting system, room control system, video control system, leakage fire alarm system, generic cabling system, panel switch, medium and low voltage and transformer, terminal control box and other intelligent building software and hardware products, solutions and services

the ecostruxuretm architecture and platform of Schneider Electric IOT promotes innovation at all levels, from interconnected products to edge control, to application, analysis and service, through the integration of it and ot technology, so as to optimize the energy efficiency management and value of sushimin Academy with comprehensive, accessible and sustainable green solutions

among them, the intelligent building management platform (BMS), which intelligently and seamlessly manages all subsystems of the building, maximizes the intelligent environment, management efficiency, energy efficiency and safety value of Su Shimin academy through the integrated system of electrical building automation and intelligent power distribution. Energy management system (EMS) can be verified and calibrated by power monitoring exp universal testing machine: the verification of electronic universal testing machine should be stopped according to the verification regulation of JJG 475 ⑵ 008 electronic universal testing machine. Such accidents often bring great losses and casualties. Monitor energy consumption, identify energy-saving space, analyze energy consumption costs, predict energy consumption and equipment operation trends, and conduct data statistics. The combination of the two realizes the monitoring and optimization of energy, ensures the efficient and interconnected operation of the academy building, and lays a good foundation for continuously improving the use quality and efficiency of the Academy. The intelligent power distribution system solution based on IOT integrates the interconnected hardware equipment such as BLOKSET power distribution cabinet and intelligent circuit breakers and instruments into the management system, which opens a new opportunity for the intellectualization and digitization of Su Shimin Academy

interior view of Su Shimin Academy

with Schneider Electric's professional and meticulous debugging and optimization of various systems over and over again, Su Shimin academy has become a very rare project in China that has passed all operational energy efficiency, energy consumption tests and debugging after being measured by force measuring sensors, amplifiers and data processing systems before delivery. After the building was put into use, Schneider Electric employees were still stationed on the site to carry out equipment commissioning under the use state, so as to escort the efficient operation of the Academy. Regardless of the temperature, humidity, energy consumption and lighting system, sushimin academy has met the original design requirements, providing teachers and students studying and working in the Academy with a safe, comfortable and livable environment and comfortable lifestyle, creating a people-oriented user experience, and delivering a satisfactory green answer

Su Shimin academy is a bridge connecting Chinese and western higher education facilities. We have cooperated with Schneider Electric to jointly build high-quality building facilities and provide a first-class teaching and living place for the exchange and integration of global scholars. Thank Schneider Electric for its strong support for the smooth implementation of the project. Schneider Electric's professional, meticulous and attentive service has given us the most reassuring and assured cooperation experience. Zhouxiaoming, general manager of the engineering management department of China Resources Land, said

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