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Schneider Electric "Dunhuang" full series of low-voltage circuit breakers and complete systems are about to make a grand debut in Chengdu, China. On March 16, 2015, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, plans to launch the full series of low-voltage circuit breakers and complete solutions in Dunhuang on March 26, 2015. In line with the new opportunities and new development of China's low-voltage distribution market, and in combination with the actual needs of customers in central and Western China, Schneider Electric customized safe, reliable, cost-effective and green Dunhuang series low-voltage circuit breakers and complete systems for customers in this region, further deepened Schneider Electric's China original strategy, and assisted the business development of customers in central and Western China

at that time, senior executives and technical experts from Schneider Electric China will attend the press conference and share the development history of Schneider Electric in China. The topic will cover Schneider Electric's strategic deployment to the West and China's original plan under the background of the government's 12th Five Year Plan and western development, market insight and corresponding products and solutions, as well as the research and development process and product highlights of Dunhuang series low-voltage circuit breakers and complete systems. The new concepts and insights of Schneider Electric in service field, partner support, business development direction, etc. will also be fully displayed through cases and vivid demonstrations

with the continuous adjustment of industrial structure, under the call of the government to achieve the development of low-carbon economy, a new generation of green, high-performance and price perfect balance, as well as low-voltage electrical products with modularity as the main feature will be further developed. If low-voltage distribution enterprises want to win the market, they need to extend to the upstream and downstream of the industry, and provide users with high-quality services and practical solutions from the provision of differentiated products and characteristic services, so as to improve the added value of products and enterprise profits, and realize the sustainable development of themselves and users

in addition to the need to comply with the new opportunities and new development of China's low-voltage distribution market, since the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, with the continuous deepening and implementation of China's western development and the rise of central China strategy, the optimization and adjustment of industrial structure in the central and Western Regions, as an important carrier for the development of modern service industry and its experimental speed is generally small support, commercial buildings have attracted much attention; The urbanization process in the central and western regions under the preferential policies has accelerated, and the housing demand of urban residents has increased; Small and medium-sized enterprises have become the new force of the industrial economy in the central and western regions, and continue to become bigger and stronger. The actual market demand of users in these fields in the central and western regions for low-voltage distribution products has been highlighted, and the engine cities and bridgeheads of the western development, such as Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi'an, are the main ones. It is urgent for low-voltage distribution enterprises to increase investment in the central and western regions and launch products and solutions that meet the needs of local users

facing the new opportunities and new development of China's low-voltage distribution market and the demand of the central and Western markets, Schneider Electric set up a Dunhuang special team to carefully analyze the usage habits and business needs of customers in the target industry through level by level market research, carry out strict research and development tests, and customize for customers in the central and western regions, which are suitable for the development of their enterprises, with safe, reliable Low voltage circuit breaker products and complete solutions with high cost performance and green environmental protection are widely used in commercial buildings, civil residences and small and medium-sized industrial fields

senior executives of Schneider Electric China can inquire about the vice president and head of the national sales department according to the "experimental information", "experimental time" and "experimental personnel" one or a combination. Mr. Cao Wei said: rooted in China for 28 years, Schneider Electric has been adhering to the mission of making good use of its efficiency and enjoying its ability all the way. The purpose of doing so is to avoid these plastic bags becoming new disposable bags, and continue to forge ahead and actively innovate. The Dunhuang series of low-voltage circuit breakers and complete systems to be released in Chengdu are another masterpiece of Schneider Electric's China original and westward strategy. We look forward to witnessing another milestone moment of Schneider Electric with colleagues in the industry

about Schneider Electric

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric provides overall solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries, among which it is a world leader in the markets of energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation and data center and network, and also has strong market capacity in the field of residential applications. Committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, economic and environmentally friendly energy, Schneider Electric had sales of $31billion (22.4 billion euros) in 2011 and more than 130000 employees. Schneider Electric helps you - we have been doing research on the experimental machine for a long time, making good use of its effect and enjoying its ability

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