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Schneider Electric announces the champion of the 5th global business case challenge

on July 3, 2015, the 5th global business case challenge go green in the city 2015 held by Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, came to an end recently. Since June 22, 24 contestants (12 groups) who entered the finals have launched a three-day fierce competition at Schneider Electric's headquarters in Paris, France. Finally, Mohammad MERAJ Shaikh and spoorty Kotla from Indian Inst (Indian Inst has recently issued the opinion on improving the difficulty relief of the coal industry, itute of technology kharagpur) won the championship of this challenge with the application scheme of efficient energy management proposed in the finals

Mohammad MERAJ shaikh

and spoorty Kotla from the Indian Institute of technology kharagpur won the crown of the fifth global business case challenge

as in previous years, the go green in the city global business case challenge requires participating teams to conduct case studies on urban energy management solutions. The team consists of two people and at least one female member. Participants selected one of the five urban infrastructure categories: housing, University, commerce, water and hospital to develop innovative energy management solutions

the 12 groups of players who entered the finals were from Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Turkey and the United States. The participating team submitted the energy efficiency management plan of smart city to the jury composed of senior executives of Schneider Electric. During the three-day finals, the participating teams visited the group headquarters, participated in the career planning seminar, and communicated with Schneider Electric employees

the top 12 teams of the fifth global business case challenge took a group photo in front of Schneider Electric's hive headquarters building in rue Maison, France.

the team that won the circuit map competition will be invited to participate in the VIP global travel organized by Schneider Electric, visit the group's production base, and get the opportunity to communicate with the company's employees and senior management team. At the same time, the winners will receive the job opportunities provided by Schneider Electric

in the past five years, the go green in the city global business case challenge has attracted nearly 30000 players from around the world, and the number of participating countries has increased from 8 in 2011 to 168 in 2015. During this period, Schneider Electric witnessed the growing interest and enthusiasm of students for this event, especially students from emerging economies. In this year's competition, the contestants from Bhutan and the Republic of Congo made their debut very well, and the number of contestants from India and Indonesia also increased significantly

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