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Schneider Electric and CCID jointly promote the intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing industry

on September 29, Beijing time, recently, the intelligent manufacturing evaluation Engineering Technology Center under CCID group and Schneider Electric held a memorandum of understanding signing ceremony in Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai. The two sides will cooperate in the Chinese market around the intelligent manufacturing service business

Li Kai, head of intelligent manufacturing business of Schneider Electric (China) industrial division, and an Lin, assistant director of China Software Evaluation Center, formally signed a memorandum of understanding on behalf of the two sides. Song Xianzhu, Secretary of the Party committee of China Institute of electronic information force measurement, witnessed the signing

both parties give full play to their advantages in intelligent manufacturing consulting, evaluation and practice, directly hit the pain point of industrial intelligent manufacturing, and jointly build Schneider Electric + CCID transparent factory plan. The so-called Transparent Factory refers to maximizing the value of data, eliminating information islands between systems, breaking the management black box, comprehensively improving efficiency from the four dimensions of enterprise level, operation level, control level and equipment level, completing the optimization of production, efficiency and asset management, and improving the ability of lean and agile manufacturing through data visualization and intelligent analysis. It is believed that data-driven new lean and new agile are effective ways for enterprises to tap the value of intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection

song Xianzhu said that China's manufacturing industry is large-scale and is developing in the direction of quality and efficiency. Since 2017, CCID has launched the construction of smart manufacturing service network nationwide in response to the needs of smart factory transformation and industrial interconnection application, which are widely concerned by the majority of manufacturing enterprises. It focuses on providing high-quality technical services such as capacity, short board positioning and transformation path planning for enterprise smart manufacturing and industrial interconnection application, and helping enterprises scientifically design and steadily implement intelligent transformation projects

Li Kai said that this cooperation will provide enterprises with more valuable solutions, and thus become a powerful accelerator for the upgrading and transformation of Chinese enterprises. In addition, through the complementary advantages between the two sides, we can better serve customers in all walks of life and jointly contribute to the upgrading of the entire Chinese manufacturing industry

Li Kai said that to truly provide a transparent factory that develops 10 cities every year is not a simple data collection and presentation, but more importantly, to transmit the data in a correct way. Not only many aluminum processing enterprises have exhibited their latest products in the field of automotive aluminum, which we call five correctness. For transparent factories, you need to pass the right information to the right person at the right time and in the right way, so that this person can make the right decision on this basis. Li Yuanzhi, the marketing director of Beijing CCID intelligent manufacturing evaluation Engineering Technology Center, which has become the largest single procurement of multiple units in the history of China's railway, said that we connect the industry and enterprise oriented capability diagnosis and evaluation model, service system and service capability formed by CCID Lingxi through multiple rounds of iteration with Schneider Electric's ecostruxure architecture to cooperate to complete this matter

in terms of practical application, Schneider Electric, a representative of discrete small and medium-sized enterprises, has given a customized prescription: using the transparent intelligent manufacturing solution based on the industry-oriented ecostruxure architecture, it has created an interconnected and transparent factory for Hanwei technology. This digital transformation solution integrates order management, work instruction management, execution and traceability management, real-time performance, task, response management and other modules, and connects all links of Hanwei technology production and operation. After the transformation, all kinds of data generated in the whole production and operation process of Hanwei technology are clearly visible, providing a qualitative leap for the production and operation of personnel at all levels

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