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Schneider Electric and Hunan Electric Vocational College jointly promote the training of intelligent manufacturing talents

Shanghai, China, on August 18, 2020, Schneider Electric and Hunan Electric vocational and technical College (Hunan Electric Vocational College) signed an agreement on the training of Intelligent Manufacturing Talents in Shanghai today, The two sides will jointly establish an intelligent manufacturing talent training base to jointly cultivate intelligent manufacturing talents that enterprises and society are in short supply. Cui Zhida, vice president of Schneider Electric Industrial automation business and head of OEM business, and Li Yufei, President of Hunan Electric vocational and technical college signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Over the years, Schneider Electric has continued to explore the talent training mode of benign interaction and coordinated development between enterprises and vocational education, aiming to make contributions to the construction of China's modern vocational education system

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explore a new mode of intelligent manufacturing talent training based on the long term

in recent years, the transformation of the manufacturing industry has been accelerating. Accordingly, the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing talents also continues to attract social attention. As a world factory, China carries more than one-third of the global equipment manufacturing business. However, with the deep integration of production informatization and automation, the gap of relevant talents, especially intelligent manufacturing talents, has become increasingly prominent. For example, in the OEM field, the lack of intelligent talents is restricting the digital transformation of the industry. In Schneider Electric's view, the informatization and automation level of the production line of manufacturing enterprises is improving day by day, which puts forward higher requirements for industrial workers who control and manage these smart machines. The higher elongation of non-ferrous metals also brings challenges to the traditional talent training mode

as a global expert in digital transformation in the field of energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has always been committed to promoting the training of industrial talents in China, helping enterprises improve business toughness and achieve efficient and sustainable development with green intelligent manufacturing. Cui Zhida said that this time, together with Hunan Electric vocational college, Schneider Electric will work on new technology dissemination, teacher training, textbook compilation Intelligent manufacturing training and practice inject new momentum into the cultivation of intelligent manufacturing talents

cultivating talents with new energy and advanced equipment manufacturing technology skills that meet the urgent needs of China's intelligent manufacturing development has always been the goal of Hunan Electric vocational and technical college. Li Yufei said that the cooperation with Schneider Electric, which has rich experience in the industrial field, will bring cutting-edge technology, application practice and innovative thinking to our intelligent manufacturing talent training, and jointly establish a model of school enterprise cooperation in China's vocational education

focus on application level training to provide enterprises with counterpart talents

according to the intelligent manufacturing talent training project agreement, the two sides will set up Schneider Electric college and Schneider Electric intelligent manufacturing talent training laboratory in the campus of Hunan Electric vocational college, and establish Schneider Electric intelligent manufacturing talent class. Schneider Electric and Hunan Electric vocational college will take this opportunity to cooperate to set up majors, develop professional standards, develop curriculum systems, teaching standards, teaching materials and teaching aids, carry out professional construction, and jointly build an intelligent manufacturing talent training base according to the needs of the job market. In terms of curriculum, we will focus on the needs of intelligent manufacturing talents for manufacturing enterprises and implement customized talent training. Among them, the hardware application course will cover a full range of machine automation products including servo, frequency conversion, PLC, motion controller and industrial computer; The software application layer includes aveva software, intelligent manufacturing information management and control system, Cloud Applications and other levels

in addition, Schneider Electric will provide a comprehensive technical scheme to assist Hunan Electric vocational college to upgrade the existing machining laboratory into an intelligent manufacturing laboratory. Schneider Electric will send technicians to conduct technical training for teachers of Hunan Electric vocational college every year, and undertake the teaching of some professional cutting-edge courses. At the same time, in order to enhance the linkage between schools and enterprises, Schneider Electric will also organize partners and customers to the talent training base for employment guidance and recommendation

in the future, Schneider Electric will give full play to its product solution and technical ability in the field of intelligent manufacturing, continue to increase investment in talent training, and cultivate urgently needed intelligent manufacturing talents for enterprises and society to ensure the accuracy of experimental data, so as to drive the high-quality development of Chinese industry, especially OEM industry, with innovative talent strategy. Cui Zhida said

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