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Schneider Electric attended the Bloomberg new energy finance 2017 future energy Asia Pacific summit

Beijing, China. Recently, the 2017 future energy Asia Pacific summit hosted by Bloomberg new energy finance was held in Shanghai, China. Hundreds of energy industry leaders, financial investors and political elites from around the world and the Asia Pacific region gathered to discuss the future development of the Asian energy industry in an all-round way. This summit focuses on energy system transformation, electric vehicles, LNG market, energy business model, industrial interconnection, power consumers, renewable energy integration and other topics. As the industry sponsor of this summit, Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, shared in-depth and unique insights into the energy industry and demonstrated the latest industry practices based on IOT

at present, the rapid development of industrial interconnection has created new value for industrial operation. Through the use of machine interconnection, data collection and analysis tools, operators can obtain strategic technical support for industrial operations, so as to better improve workflow. At this summit, Vincent Petit, senior vice president of global thought leadership and influence marketing of Schneider Electric, together with Wu Ruhu, senior business development director of IBM's green horizon program, Yang Jincheng, general manager of energy interconnection business department of Trinasolar Co., Ltd., and Michael wi, director of financial strategy of Bloomberg NEW energy, worked with lshire on how to provide better technical support for industrial interconnection in different industrial fields, And how to apply these technologies in the field of energy to solve the challenges faced by this field, and launched a round table exchange with the theme of science and technology: the application of industrial interconnection in the field of energy

Vincent Petit, senior vice president of global thought leadership and influence marketing of Schneider Electric, spoke in the round table discussion

with the rise of emerging digital technologies such as IOT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, embedded processing and cloud solutions, a series of new changes will take place in the energy system and energy environment. Vincent Petit, senior vice president of global thought leadership and influence marketing of Schneider Electric, said that driven by these emerging technologies, IOT capabilities such as asset performance optimization, electrical reliability improvement, equipment life cycle management, and digital trading and scheduling will help energy systems coordinate distributed energy loads and supplies, promote renewable energy utilization, further improve power efficiency, and reduce customer investment costs, Promote social sustainable development

today's energy system is becoming increasingly complex. The access of more photovoltaic, distributed power storage, electric vehicles and other equipment and assets has increased the volatility and uncertainty of the energy system. Schneider Electric has given unique views on how to build more efficient smart electricity for distributed energy integration, realize flexible micro electricity control and effectively support new supply modes, which are urgent problems to be solved in the current energy market

Schneider Electric can help enterprises make full use of various digital technologies and easily cope with the challenges brought by the current energy reform. Vincent Petit pointed out at the meeting that our ecostruxuretm grid architecture based on IOT, through the integration of it and ot technology, can realize the comprehensive optimization of energy use and automation process, and make the demand realization more efficient. Through the interconnection and interworking of equipment, it can realize more intelligent operation, effectively improve electrical efficiency, make full use of micro electric flexibility, and integrate whether intermittent can realize the precision production and power generation of extruder, accelerate the participation of all demand end users, and finally balance the power supply system

in the future, with the arrival of a new world of functional packaging materials, digitalization, decentralization and low-carbon energy with a certain technical content, Schneider Electric will actively seize the opportunity to continue to lead the development of the energy industry ecosystem with in-depth and accurate customer insight, forward-looking energy industry thinking and leading innovation f= (m0+m1+m2+...) a................................. Formula (1) professional technology, Help power enterprises succeed in energy reform and digital transformation

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