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Wanjie: dare to subvert innovation in the era of big data

How can traditional enterprises transform in the era of big data

in today's era, if our traditional cultural enterprises want to make a difference, so that the plastic lamp cover is more competitive in price than glass, they must make innovative and disruptive changes, learn to operate with it thinking, and constantly explore new business models. In an interview with China publishing news, Wan Jie, member of the CPPCC National Committee and chairman of Yachang culture group, talked about how traditional enterprises are transforming in the era of big data

recently, Getty Images, the world's largest image service provider, has allowed its images to be used for free for individual users and non-commercial activities. Wanjie analysis pointed out that this practice of Getty pictures has built an innovative cultural industry business model in the era of big data. Through the interaction between pictures and users, it can generate the accumulation of users' big data and analyze users' behavior. Getty pictures' innovative business model provides us with a new idea

since being elected as a member of the CPPCC National Committee in 2008, Wan Jie has always paid attention to the inheritance and protection of excellent culture and art at the two sessions every year. He submitted two proposals to the conference this year, namely, "establishing fair, open and transparent market rules to regulate the development of online auctions" and "strengthening the copyright protection of calligraphy and painting works of art"

at present, a large number of bidding and online auction platforms have sprung up. These formal innovations have brought new vitality to the auction market and injected new vitality into the stable growth and momentum of Jiaozuo City. However, at present, a large number of e-commerce enterprises, online companies and auction companies will continue to carry out online auction activities based on the dominant position (accounting for 58% of the total production capacity), which also increasingly highlight some problems. Wan Jie analyzed that the main problems are that the market rules are not unified, resulting in unfair competition in the market; The subject is not clear. At present, there are no relevant laws and regulations to define the subject of collateral auction, resulting in the unclear subject of collateral auction; Relevant laws and regulations lag behind. In this regard, he suggested in his proposal that the current auction law should be amended to add relevant content of online auction; Revise the auction management measures, clarify the subject of online auction, add relevant contents of online auction to the measures, establish fair, open and transparent market rules, and standardize the development of online auction; After the relevant laws and regulations are improved, the administrative departments for Industry and commerce at all levels will exercise unified supervision over the online auction activities

referring to the proposal of "strengthening the copyright protection of calligraphy and painting works of art", Wan Jie said that it is realistic, urgent and necessary to strengthen the copyright protection of calligraphy and painting works of art. He suggested that the national copyright administration should take the lead to work with the Ministry of culture, the China Federation of literary and art circles and professional associations to formulate the "guiding opinions on copyright protection of calligraphy and painting works of art"; Create a scientific copyright registration system to help artists register the copyright of calligraphy and painting works of art, maintain the order of the art market through digital means, protect the rights and interests of artists and collectors, and make the inheritance of art in China orderly

when talking about culture going out, Wan Jie said that at present, the way of providing cultural products in China is still very traditional, and the future development direction should be it, art and personalization. In order to better go out, we need to invite culture in. On the basis of fully digesting and absorbing foreign excellent culture and communication methods, we can convey the essence of Chinese culture to the world with a peaceful mind and a world-wide language. We will tell the Chinese story in a way that foreigners can understand and accept on August 10, 2018. He said

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