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Schneider Electric customized the upgraded atv610 inverter for the Chinese market

Shanghai. On August 21, 2014, Schneider Electric, a global energy efficiency management expert, recently launched a new general-purpose inverter atv610 for general load applications. As a comprehensive upgrade of the original atv61f frequency converter, Schneider Electric, relying on global R & D resources, has customized a more concise and easy-to-use atv610 frequency converter with strong environmental adaptability for Chinese users to help users achieve the best balance between high performance and investment

since the Chinese government issued the 12th Five Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction, the state has clearly taken energy conservation and environmental protection as the focus of industrial economic development, effectively stimulating the sustainable development of the frequency converter industry. Frequency converter drives are increasingly entering harsh industrial control applications such as narrow space, high temperature, high humidity, high dust, etc., which requires that frequency converters must be more green, energy-saving and efficient. On the other hand, the majority of users in China can choose according to their own situation in the process of selection. The viscosity is too large to process. Users expect the product to be easy to operate, optimize the cost and ensure the high performance of the product, so as to achieve both fish and bear's paw. These requirements have become an important focus for Schneider Electric to continuously update and upgrade its products and launch atv610 frequency converter

Hu Xiao, the market director of Schneider Electric's frequency converter business in China, said: atv610 frequency converter is another powerful tool for Schneider Electric to tailor to China's harsh industrial environment and usage habits, improve energy conservation, emission reduction and user return on investment. It will gradually replace the original atv61f, provide more advantages in operation and energy saving, and further enhance Schneider Electric's comprehensive competitive strength in the field of fan and pump applications

compared with atv61f, atv610 inverter is closer to the needs of Chinese industrial users in terms of standard Chinese panel configuration, seven application macro settings and i/o quantity configuration, ensuring international quality while reducing user costs. The products are equipped with 3C3 (anti chemical gas) and 3s3 (anti dust) international certification for harsh environmental protection as standard, which can better cope with the relatively harsh working conditions in China, and provide Chinese users with flexible choices of high performance and low cost

● with strong environmental adaptability and high stability, atv610 inverter adopts PCBA coating and bus bar coating, which strengthens insulation and isolation, and can effectively resist pollution such as oil, salt spray, conductive dust, etc; The innovative cooling air path design improves the corrosion resistance of products, and its strength in R & D, industrialization, promotion and utilization is significantly enhanced. In addition, the top protection grade of atv610 is up to IP40, which can operate stably at an altitude of -15 C ~ +60 C and up to 4800 meters

● it is simple and easy to use, reducing time and cost investment. The atv610 frequency converter is equipped with an external Chinese display control panel as standard, which can be quickly debugged without memorizing codes. Chinese users choose the most one on construction sites, which is more convenient to use and reduces the investment cost; It adopts seven macro simplified configurations, which can cover 90% of standard fan and pump applications. Users do not need to modify any parameters, plug and play; CAD drawings cover 10 basic applications; Simplified accessories, random and complete parameter list and quick installation guidance make it convenient for users to design and select models and speed up the use of products

● according to the habits of Chinese users, the atv610 frequency converter is not only built-in with multi pump control function, but also built-in with C3 level EMC filter and DC reactor, so as to reduce the disturbance of electromagnetic interference and harmonic, and improve the energy-saving effect; Rich i/o terminals and Modbus communication protocol configuration help the product quickly integrate and optimize the automatic control system

the upgraded atv610 frequency converter improves the reliability, ease of use and adaptability of the product while reducing the cost through optimized design. It is especially suitable for various harsh industrial control application environments in China, such as power plants, water and wastewater treatment, buildings, petrochemicals, thermal power, etc., and realizes high efficiency and energy conservation in some projects with low system complexity or centralized equipment and short cycle

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