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Opportunities and challenges in the glass coating market

the overall short-term focus is on stability. On May 26, on the eve of the third meeting of the "national standard conference on coated insulating glass", Mr. Hao Xiangguo, deputy director of the General Department of China architectural glass and Industrial Glass Association, visited Yantai Jialong nano Industry Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the relevant projects of our company. During the break of the meeting, we had a brief interview with Mr. Hao

Jialong nano: as an important product invention in the era of building energy conservation, glass film is a new favorite in the market, both film and film. How do you see the future market prospect of the manufacturing mode of building glass film dispensing

Director Hao: at present, the glass film market is mainly divided into two types: film and film. Whether film or film, many are used abroad at present, but it starts relatively late in China. It should be said that glass film is very meaningful for the realization of China's domestic energy-saving indicators. According to the statistics of relevant national departments, it is expected that by 2020, the new buildings will reach the national energy-saving target of 25%, and the existing domestic building area will be 44billion square meters. From these data, the development prospects of building membrane in the future are broad, especially the water-based membrane is more conducive to the development of the national energy-saving glass industry, and it is more environmentally friendly, which will certainly provide a great contribution to the realization of these target figures

Jialong nano: we also visited our company's local project in Yantai this morning. Based on your understanding of our company today and your understanding of similar enterprises in the current industry, what aspects do you think we should focus on in our future development

Director Hao: for the film industry, the relevant domestic departments hope to strengthen the publicity. From the perspective of our industry association, we also hope that the film industry can be rapidly promoted in China, including domestic industrialization and marketization. I think there is a lot of work to be done now, from the formulation of standards, product promotion, market publicity and other aspects, we need to carry out corresponding supporting work. We are very willing to assist enterprises to carry out relevant certification work, because the core of the association is the enterprise home

Jialong nano: what's your comment on our company's research and development of coating products and the research in the coating field we are now engaged in? What do you think of our current position in the industry

Director Hao: I think Jialong nano's products have great market potential from engineering to marketing, mainly reflected in the formulation of standards and the development of projects; From the perspective of the industry, the construction field includes existing buildings and new buildings. In the formulation of standards, we can consider the product classification, such as the classification of water-based and oil-based products, so as to promote products to the market and closely combine the standards with the market

director Hao has made in-depth research on the main products in the current glass market, such as Low-E glass producing thousands of bio based chemical products. Through the comprehensive comparison between our products and Low-E glass products, director Hao believes that from the perspective of deep processing of glass products, our products are Low-E glass upgrading replacement products under the future industry development trend, and the main incentive for replacement is the serious light pollution problem of Low-E glass, Our products can just make up for the serious defects in this regard. At the same time, director Hao hopes that the company will speed up the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan for the glass industry and strive to enter the planning system, so that our products can be approved for scientific and technological projects

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