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Opportunities and challenges of printing enterprises from the perspective of RMB globalization

since this year, the Central Bank of China has signed currency swap agreements with the central banks and monetary authorities of six countries and regions, including Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Belarus and Argentina, involving a total of 650billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of China's total foreign exchange reserves. Earlier this month, the State Council announced again that it plans to carry out cross-border trade RMB settlement pilot in five cities

the above series of actions show that China will accelerate the internationalization of RMB, which will effectively respond to the financial crisis and maintain the stability of the financial system. We know that international finance, which is currently spreading, sincerely hopes that the control system of the experimental machine will be more and more perfect in the future! The crisis caused the liquidity tension of funds, especially brought unprecedented blows and challenges to the trading system of Asian countries and relevant regions dominated by outward oriented economy. Promoting the internationalization prospect of RMB and strengthening the cooperation between regional economic systems is to revitalize bilateral trade and jointly resist 4 If there is abnormal noise in the whole process of the experiment, it is an effective way to solve the financial crisis

for the large number of foreign trade printing enterprises in China, this is undoubtedly a long-awaited good news. However, the internationalization of RMB must go through the process of regionalization. Try to use RMB as the trade settlement currency in the surrounding regions and countries with close trade relations with China, and then make RMB become the reserve currency of these countries on the basis of becoming the settlement currency

in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Myanmar and other regions and countries, the RMB has a very good liquidity. For domestic printing enterprises suffering from rising raw material prices, increased labor costs and other factors, we can try to transfer manufacturing business to these countries, make full use of the liquidity of RMB here and local cheap labor, and then participate in domestic and even international printing product competition

on the other hand, the financial crisis has significantly reduced the exports of Asian countries. At this time, the Central Bank of China signed currency swap agreements with some neighboring countries with close trade contacts, which can allow these countries to buy Chinese products with RMB and resist the risk of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the US dollar. For domestic printing enterprises suffering from weak international printing demand, there is no doubt that it has reopened a huge market

According to the comprehensive analysis, the author believes that the main purpose of frequent currency swaps in recent years is to promote exports. Due to the tight liquidity of the global dollar, some of China's trading partners are in the dilemma of trade settlement. Using RMB swap to stabilize multilateral trade is a way to combat the financial crisis, which will also stimulate China's exports. The labor cost of the printing industry, which covers manufacturing and processing industries, is always the key factor. Making full use of the circulation advantage of RMB in the regional economy and transferring labor costs is an effective way for printing enterprises to resist the financial crisis and participate in industry competition

at the same time, domestic printing enterprises also need to face the new development trend of the printing market to build a digital printing product chain and printing information chain, optimize and improve their own foresight, creativity and execution, and develop in a down-to-earth manner. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs by improving processes; Printing standardization can also be implemented to ensure the quality of printing; We can also explore other printing fields and develop high value-added printing products. In short, only by combining various methods and focusing on the long term is the survival way of enterprises

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