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Opportunities and challenges in the packaging and printing industry (IV)

IV. countermeasures and measures

in the face of China's imminent accession to the WTO, China should neither be high sleepers without excellence, nor panic. We should take a positive attitude to deal with the new situation after China's entry into the WTO. How to deal with the impact of the opening up of the packaging and printing market, and how to meet the new and more severe challenges, we should take favorable measures from all aspects, otherwise we will lose opportunities if we cannot withstand the challenges

(I) changing ideas

is to liberate the thinking bondage formed under the planned economic system, and change the old pattern of being used to relying on national protection, policy preference (such as tax reduction), market monopoly, etc. into a new pattern of being brave in exploration, innovation, competition, active participation, and the survival of the fittest

(II) strengthen strategic research and take the initiative to adjust

in the first 10 years of the new century, China's economy will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, and the rapid and healthy development of the national economy has created extremely favorable conditions for the development of the packaging and printing industry. In the new decade, the national economy will continue to adjust, and state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises will withdraw from the general field of competition. The printing industry will also enter an unprecedented period of structural adjustment. It is imperative to adjust and compress the low-grade excess printing capacity. Therefore, every packaging and printing enterprise should strengthen strategic development research and study its position in structural adjustment; What position is it in the country, its own industry and its own region; Study the development trend of the industry; Analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, analyze the situation of the same competitors and their position in the competitors; Think deeply about the impact of the development and application of high-tech, the deepening of reform, the separation of government and enterprises, the gradual elimination of industrial administrative barriers, the development of professional division of labor and cooperation on enterprises, and so on. We should make a realistic judgment on the direction of our own enterprise. Only when the research of development strategy is clear, can there be a clear development direction. Take the initiative to adjust the structure and products according to the situation of their own enterprises. There are advances and retreats, and there are actions and omissions. Some enterprises are suitable for and can become bigger and stronger, so make it bigger and stronger. Some enterprises are suitable for forming small and specialized enterprises. (according to the statistics of Japanese producers, in 1998, the printing enterprises with less than 19 people in Japanese printing enterprises accounted for about 88% of the whole printing enterprises). In some aspects, enterprises and companies that have formed their own strengths and strong competitiveness in the industry have been listed on the NYSE Euronext, and can also develop well

(III) pay close attention to structural adjustment

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the development direction and focus of the packaging and printing industry is to continue to move forward under the guidance of the 28 word technical development policy of "Prepress digital and networking; printing multi-color and high efficiency; post press diversity and automation; equipment high quality and serialization"

structural adjustment is to make efforts in adjusting industrial structure, product structure, organizational structure, technical structure, labor structure and other aspects to achieve the best and best state

the key points are:

(1) packaging and printing products should actively develop in the direction of medium, high-grade, diversified and multicolor; Develop towards the popularization direction of easy transportation and storage

(2) continue to vigorously develop paper-based packaging and printing

paper products printing should focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, eliminating low-grade cartons and cartons, changing the material structure, and developing towards gift oriented, high-grade and medium-sized packaging color; We will actively develop all kinds of color paper laminating cartons, all kinds of windowed packaging, as well as color E-type and F-type fine corrugated cartons, new paper containers, color printing cartons, die-cutting linear cartons, etc

(3) with the development of food industry, beverage industry, medicine, health products, cosmetics and other industries, plastic packaging and printing will have a rapid development, especially the growth of selective breathable film and anion barrier packaging using new materials will be faster. (in 1994, the output value of beverage packaging and rigid containers made of plastic in the United States accounted for more than 30% of the total packaging demand)

(4) new technologies, new equipment, new processes and new materials will be further adopted and promoted, especially digital technology; On demand printing with digital printing as the main printing method will have a certain development

among various printing methods, offset printing still plays a leading role, and flexo printing will have a rapid development. We will vigorously strengthen the post-processing process to make it a complete set

(5) green packaging and printing that meets the requirements of environmental protection and has no pollution will be paid more and more attention by the society. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging printing to achieve the requirements of sustainable development

(6) it is imperative to establish a professional packaging enterprise and take the road of joint operation and joint investment. China's tobacco printing enterprises generally have good benefits and high returns. In addition to monopoly factors, the key points of their professional sample making are: metal bars, sheet metal, plastics and other test materials need to be thickened at both ends of the sample. Anlong plans to invest 2billion Zhuhai in the project production, research and service of anti-aging additives for polymer materials. However, there are too many comprehensive production enterprises and too few professional service enterprises in China's packaging and printing enterprises. American Donnelly company specializes in the production of books, with annual sales of US $5.6 billion, and the annual sales of Canadian MOA business forms reach US $2billion. We should focus on new pillar industries, such as the packaging of modern information, modern biology, medicine, fine chemicals and other products, and establish a professional service team. Only with characteristics can there be development, and only with characteristics can there be benefits

(IV) the packaging and printing industry should actively create conditions to go abroad and go global

China is a large printing country, but it is not a powerful country. The packaging and printing industry is a big industry with great potential. With the in-depth development of the market economy, the market is becoming more and more standardized, and quality, cycle, price and service will become the main means to win in the competition. This requires all packaging and printing enterprises to always adhere to the business purpose of quality first, cycle assurance, reasonable price and considerate service

we should actively develop high-grade and exquisite color packaging printing materials, increase the added value of goods, meet the domestic market and expand the supporting products. In particular, we should actively implement the instructions of General Secretary Jiang Zemin to "catch up with and surpass the world's advanced level of packaging and printing" and promote China's packaging and printing to the world

to this end, we should actively create conditions to establish our own "combined fleet" and large enterprise groups in basic areas, build a talent base integrating science, industry and trade, as well as national and global markets. Packaging and printing enterprises with a certain scale should take the lead in entering the international market and going abroad. For example, packaging and printing enterprises in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and other cities are in the forefront of the country, and they should include packaging and printing in their development priorities

(V) adhere to technological progress and continuous innovation

the continuous development of high and new printing technology will bring revolutionary changes to the printing industry, and enterprises should adhere to technological progress and innovation. Promote enterprises with high and new technologies, and pay attention to the application of new technologies, processes and materials that are conducive to environmental protection and resource reuse. Take the initiative to eliminate backward processes and equipment. (the General Administration of publishing plans to phase out a number of backward equipment, processes and illegal printing enterprises within five years). Reform the traditional printing industry with advanced printing technology, equipment and process, focus on improving quality, shortening cycle, reducing costs, increase capital investment in technological progress, strengthen technical reserves, maintain the momentum of development, increase printing market share, and constantly improve enterprise efficiency

(VI) accelerate the training and cultivation of a strong high-quality talent team

in an era of winning by quality, talent has become a decisive factor. Therefore, we need to establish a creative team of high-quality management talents and a team of technological talents with both knowledge and experience through training, recruitment and selection to provide talent support for the reform and development of printing enterprises

we should firmly grasp the opportunities, meet the challenges, actively respond to them, and take the initiative to attack, so as to gain a firm foothold, seize the market, continuously develop and expand China's packaging and printing industry, and improve international competitiveness and remain invincible in the process of world economic integration and WTO entry. (tanjunqiao)

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