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Chloroacetic acid industry: opportunities and challenges coexist

chloroacetic acid is an important organic chemical intermediate. It is no longer a fine chemical product as traditionally defined. In recent years, the total consumption in the world is more than 800000 tons, and the total consumption in China is also between 300000 and 400000 tons. It is an important raw material for synthetic pesticides, medicine, dyes, spices, oilfield chemicals, papermaking chemicals, textile additives, surfactants, etc. Recently, at the '2010 acetic acid downstream hot product development and market analysis Summit', Li Fuxiang, deputy director of the Institute of fine chemicals of Taiyuan University of technology, explained and analyzed the current situation and related problems in the field of chloroacetic acid preparation process research and downstream derivatives development

director Li Fuxiang said that by 2010, the total domestic consumption of chloroacetic acid was about 607500 tons, plus the export part was about 650000 tons, the total production capacity should be 812500 tons (calculated by the average operating rate of 80%), the consumption of glacial acetic acid in the chloroacetic acid industry is expected to be 455000 tons (calculated by the average consumption of 0.7 tons/ton of products), and the consumption of acetic anhydride is about 20000 tons (calculated by using the acetic anhydride production method of 50%)

however, at this stage, the domestic chloroacetic acid production process has the following problems: intermittent operation, poor process stability, 312 expanded polystyrene board thin plastering external wall external insulation system, high labor intensity; Long reaction cycle and small production capacity of a single set; The by-products in chlorination reactants are high (4~8%wt), mother liquor is produced in production (10~20%wt), and the unit consumption of raw materials is high; The product quality is low, and it is difficult to produce high-purity products

opportunities and challenges coexist in China's chloroacetic acid industry. Based on independent technological innovation, we should digest and absorb foreign advanced technology, increase investment in chloroacetic acid research and development, quickly improve the overall level of China's chloroacetic acid production, gain a foothold in the international market as soon as possible, and lay the foundation for building a large country of chloroacetic acid production

in response to the coming changes in the future, the majority of enterprises should actively develop new catalytic systems to minimize side reactions, and vigorously develop acetic anhydride catalytic continuous production process, which should be combined with chlor alkali enterprises to make the production scale large-scale and continuous. At the same time, we will vigorously develop joint production processes and actively carry out research and development of downstream products. " When talking about the future development of chloroacetic acid, director Li emphasized that "if we can cooperate with chlor alkali enterprises and use some tail chlorine as raw materials, we can reduce the cost of raw materials; In addition, we should pay attention to the development of downstream products of by-product HCl and improve its added value. The development of joint production process by enterprises can effectively reduce the production cost of products with chloroethyl photoelectric induction as the more advanced technology acid as raw material. In addition, the development of new technology for the complete treatment of mother liquor of chloroacetic acid can also improve the production efficiency of chloroacetic acid. We can increase export efforts, give play to the cost advantage of domestic chloroacetic acid, and vigorously expand foreign markets. In this way, our domestic enterprises can win a place in the fierce international competition

note: this reprint indicates that the coke price in Huaibei, Anhui Province fell by 30 yuan/ton. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information with inaccurate speed control, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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