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Newspaper publisher lippischer zeitungsverlag giesdorf installed the jobreport

statistical database of PPI media company to optimize the production process

improve newspaper production according to the data related to production: This is the goal of newspaper publisher lippischer zeitungsverlag giesdorf when installing the jobreport job reporting software of PPI media company, a subsidiary of Manroland company, which is a reporting and analysis system

after production, the PPI statistical system installed in Detmold, Germany, can collect production data from the publishing modules planpag (production planning) and adpag (classification and paging), and store these data in the database as the basis for long-term statistical reference. We can adopt standard or self-defined methods to collect long-term, medium-term and long-term production data of Jinan experimental machine factory for analysis, and use the data of the system. The automatically generated report can use SAP's BusinessObjects software, and the actual materials may be more than these, which are represented by intuitive charts or tables

strategic decisions must stand the test of other times. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate our production data in detail

jobreport can reliably and continuously evaluate the most important key data for control purposes, support decision-making, and even evaluate the situation for many years. Said Ralf B schemann, advertising manager at lippischer publishing. By replacing the manual evaluation of advertisements, soft advertisements and newspaper text elements every day, the publishing house can rearrange the support according to the design requirements; Let more people be responsible for sales oriented projects

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