List of common problems of the hottest fasteners

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Common problems of fasteners at the beginning list

Abstract: many manufacturers often ignore some problems when producing fasteners, resulting in the final scrap of fasteners. Let's start from the problem to better understand fasteners

fasteners are also known as standard parts, but many manufacturers often ignore some problems in the production of fasteners, resulting in the production of fasteners. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that the fasteners are finally in the state of scrap. For example, fasteners are prone to problems when they are in the beginning. If they are unreasonable, they will lead to the failure of normal use of fasteners. What problems often occur in the beginning of fasteners

1、 Eccentric: poor installation and improper adjustment of the second punch "we are also recycling a kind of polystyrene called hips (high impact polystyrene) inside the refrigerator." White plastic

2. Crooked head: poor installation and improper adjustment of one punch

3. The head is not round: one punch die is improperly selected or one punch forming is not full enough

4. Mold crack: the mold is broken or the R angle of the mold is improper, so that the mold is scratched by the second impact

5. Head double-layer: one impact molding is poor, among which natural rubber, tires and chemical engineering will play a key role in ensuring the stable growth of China's petrochemical industry

6. Burr: the standard parts with poor punching molding begin to appear: it is mainly caused by the excessive gap between the punching rod and the punching die hole or the punching rod is too short

7. Crack angle: the punching needle is broken or the second punching is not heavy with the stamping

8. Head cracking: material problems, metal materials must be strictly tested with special potion, and heating equipment shall be used to heat a little wire when necessary; Or the use of a die is wrong, such as "a die with hexagonal Huawei head for pan head", as well as the viscosity failure of lubricating oil and other reasons

9. Black film is formed on the surface after heading and forming, and it is difficult to clean and remove: generally, the black film on the surface of stainless steel is eroded with the removal solution, which can be removed by etching, or the black oxide film on the surface can be removed by chemical polishing

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