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Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturer Lirui electric win-win choice

Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturer Lirui electric win-win choice

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the refrigeration pump cold water pump fan that drives the air conditioning system is a very good power-saving technology. At present, there are many companies specializing in air conditioning power saving in the country, the main technology of which is variable frequency speed regulation and power saving, Jinan vacuum filling equipment manufacturer crusher load, metallurgical mining building materials use many crusher balls to confirm the position of the movable beam, and cement machinery such as mills have remarkable effect after frequency conversion. Large kiln calciner load, In the past, most large industrial rotary kilns (converters) such as metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and so on used DC commutator motor, slip motor cascade speed regulation or medium frequency unit speed regulation. Because these speed regulation methods may have slip rings or low efficiency, in recent years, many units have adopted frequency conversion control with excellent effect. Compressors are also widely used loads

low pressure compressors are widely used in all industrial sectors. High pressure and large capacity compressors are widely used in iron and steel (such as oxygen generators), mines, chemical fertilizer ethylene, and the use of variable frequency speed regulation brings advantages such as small starting current, power saving, and optimized equipment service life. Roller loads, roller loads, and roller Jinan brake fluid filling machine supplier loads are mostly in the iron and steel metallurgy industry. The use of AC motor variable frequency control can improve the reliability and stability of equipment and pump loads, The pump load is large and covers a wide range, including water pumps, oil pumps, chemical pumps, mud pumps, sand pumps, etc., including low-pressure medium and small capacity pumps and high-pressure large capacity pumps

pumps of many water companies, chemical pumps in the chemical industry and chemical fertilizer industry, reciprocating oxfab, are capable of high chemical resistance, heat resistance and customized electrical performance. Pumps, mud pumps in non-ferrous metals and other industries adopt variable frequency speed regulation, which produce very good results. Stacker reclaimer loads. Stacker reclaimer is the main equipment for stacking and reclaiming mine materials at the coal yard wharf. Its main function is stacking and reclaiming, realizing automatic stacking and semi 2 Force measurement accuracy: 1n automatic reclaiming, which improves the reliability of the equipment. The equipment operates smoothly without impact and shaking. The reclaiming process is as per/cos φ Regular rotary speed regulation improves the bucket wheel rotary reclaiming efficiency and the uniformity of belt coal transportation, which is very popular with workers. Fan load fan load is a large quantity and wide range of equipment. Steel plants, power plants, non-ferrous mines, chemical industry, textile, chemical fiber, cement, paper and other industries are widely used

most of them adjust the air volume by adjusting the opening of the baffle, which wastes a lot of electric energy. Using frequency conversion speed regulation can save electricity, reduce mechanical wear, and prolong the service life of the equipment. There are many mixers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Frequency conversion speed regulation is used to replace other speed regulation methods, which is good for the loads of many spinning machines. The spinning process is complex, and many stations require tension control, and some require position control, The effect of frequency conversion and speed regulation is good, and the manufacturer of air tightness testing equipment in Jinan is good

industrial control summary: central air conditioning is a major power consumer in buildings, and the power consumption of air conditioning accounts for about% of the annual electricity bill. Therefore, the energy-saving transformation of central air conditioning is particularly important. According to expert analysis, since it can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons if it is located in China, the central air conditioning system must be designed according to the hottest weather and the maximum load, with a design margin of -%, However, in fact, most of the time, the air conditioner will not operate at full load, so there is a large surplus, so there is a great potential for energy saving. Among them, the refrigerating machine can load or unload according to the load change, but the refrigerating water pump and cooling water pump cannot make corresponding adjustment with the load change, which is a great waste. The flow and differential pressure of the water pump system are adjusted by valves and bypass. Therefore, Inevitably, there are large closure losses and large flow, high pressure and low temperature difference, which not only wastes a lot of electric energy

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