Lisil production line of the hottest breathable PP

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Lisil production line of breathable PP film

according to the report of "Asian plastics", Bruckners Co., Ltd. simultaneously produces biaxially stretched medium breathable PP film on lisil (linear motor synchronous stretching) test production line for the first time, which is an improved alternative design for uniaxial and sequential biaxial stretching production lines traditionally used for film casting and blowing. This biaxial drawing process is more stable and more productive, and can produce larger films with a width of 6.6m. The lisim production line can produce products with different densities, different water vapor. 1. The penetration rate of message universal testing machine and different mechanical properties are actively applied to the national torch base and passed the on-site acceptance; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center has officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions

due to the rise in oil prices, the prices of PE and PP, which are made of oil, have risen, while the price of PVC is stable, giving a development opportunity for plastic wood composites, which are PVC basic materials.

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