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Policy support for degradable plastics was strengthened. From October 19 to 20, the 2013 annual meeting of the degradable plastics professional committee of China Plastics Association and the degradable materials technology exchange meeting were held in Zibo. The person in charge of relevant departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology said at the meeting that the state is increasing its support for the policy setting of degradable alternative products of plastic products such as agricultural film and disposable packaging materials, and has selected Xinjiang, Yunnan and other provinces and some cities to apply the minimum effective signal that is greater than the interference signal as a digital increment greater than the interference signal for the pilot, so as to carry out a pilot project for plastic recycling Utilization will give greater attention and support. He hopes that enterprises in the degradable plastics industry will continue to improve their innovation ability, strengthen the promotion and application of bio based synthetic materials, and speed up the development of this sunrise industry

the person in charge of the relevant department of the national development and Reform Commission said that the market acceptance of degradable and environmentally friendly new materials is constantly improving, the national policies and supporting measures for sunrise industry will be more and more perfect, and the ongoing "double hundred" project (establishing 100 new material bases and selecting 100 enterprises) will play a better role as a leader and model. He hoped that the plastic industry would speed up the research and implementation of recycling, strengthen the formulation of industrial standards in the degradable materials industry, strengthen the communication and communication between enterprises (3) Vickers hardness (HV), and constantly launch new products. Leading enterprises should do a good job of demonstration and guidance, drive the development of the plastic industry, constantly promote the technological progress of the industry, and realize the requirements of circular economy

Xiaqing, chairman of the degradable plastics professional committee of China Plastics Association, pointed out that the society's understanding of degradable materials is deepening, the demand is increasing, and the market acceptance is constantly improving. With the improvement and implementation of the national plastic limit policy, the development prospect of degradable materials is getting better and better. He hoped that all kinds of enterprises in the degradable plastics industry would seize the opportunity to realize the requirements of industrialization and bring the degradable plastics industry to a new level

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