Polarization among the hottest titanium dioxide ma

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Polarization among titanium dioxide manufacturers nationwide

polarization among titanium dioxide manufacturers nationwide

January 7, 2021 reading this figure is only 3%: Source: paint | contribution

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at present, there is polarization among titanium dioxide manufacturers nationwide: the spot is tight, the actual price in the market is chaotic, and it is difficult for large enterprises to obtain a single product, which makes the terminal price rise again and again. The price is firm and strong, Routine maintenance and export inclination of major manufacturers are the main reasons; It is better if the spot is not tight, but the manufacturers can cater to the general environment by controlling the operating rate, maintaining the flow and supply, and the price implementation is relatively mild

the influence of Chinese titanium dioxide in the global market is increasing day by day

in the first ten days of December 2020, the product prices of domestic manufacturers longmang Baili, CITIC titanium, Pangang vanadium titanium and some other manufacturers went up without a letter, and nearly 20 manufacturers announced an increase of 500-1000 yuan/ton. At the same time, foreign manufacturers such as Kemu, KONOS, tenor and fannengtuo also joined the last wave of price rise in 2020, announcing a rise of 100 yuan to 150 dollars/ton, truly realizing the full rise mode in the second half of the year since July. At the same time, they also realized the synchronization of the price rise of titanium dioxide at home and abroad, reflecting the increasing price influence of China's titanium dioxide in the global market

horizontal interaction within the titanium dioxide industry

from December 8 to 10, 2020, the 2020 China International Coating Expo was held in Guangzhou with the theme of "green manufacturing and moving forward side by side". The exhibition aims to promote the green development of the coating industry and its upstream and downstream industries, and further promote scientific and technological innovation, service innovation and environmental protection innovation; Accurately monitor the actual needs and trends of the coating industry and the whole industry chain, realize the integration of green industrialization and informatization, build a platform for upstream and downstream exchanges, exhibitions and cooperation of green coatings, and create new opportunities for the development of the industry. Due to the global epidemic, although there were relatively few international exhibitors and visitors, people in the titanium dioxide industry in China generally paid more attention to the fact that one river in the village also began to emerge dead fish. Although the actual effect was far from meeting expectations, at least this gathering enhanced the horizontal interaction within the industry

manufacturers discuss and study the market, cost and inventory. For the short-term future price trend, we can penetrate each other to see whether there is a cooperation consensus on certain interest points; Traders are expected to anticipate and prepare whether they still have goods in their hands, whether the market is on the upward channel, how much room there will be for further upward movement in the future, how to deal with spot shortages respectively, and whether traders and downstream users prepare goods immediately

industry analyst's view

according to Yangxun, an analyst in the titanium industry of Yan titanium, the price of titanium dioxide has been rising in the second half of 2020. End users are tired. They are mostly on the sidelines. Production is determined by sales. They purchase in segments according to production needs. By the end of the year, cash is king, and it is not necessary to hoard so many raw materials to occupy funds. The trading and investment market is slightly lukewarm. At the same time, the acceptance capacity of the terminal market is slightly weaker, and the pace of shipment is intermittent. The sales managers of some manufacturers began to "take the initiative" to contact the channel to dump the goods. However, the delivery time has been scheduled to January 2021, and the channel inventory is still not well replenished, so the spot tension may still be maintained in the short term

Yang Xun pointed out that, in fact, some titanium dioxide manufacturers were short of cash for some days. When the end customers could not get the goods, they all adjusted the formula and goods. When the tight goods appeared in the market, the end users had adjusted the formula and products, which eased the supply tension of some products slightly, which was equivalent to the differentiation of demand for a single product. Manufacturers control the supply of goods, and most of them are relatively strong. The supply of goods from agents can be basically guaranteed. There are also reductions and supply reductions, which aggravates the shortage of spot goods in the terminal market. Customers should make a good screening for the holders who have a large number of spot goods and whose prices are 200-300 yuan/ton lower than the ex factory price. The more the shortage of spot goods, the more cautious the trading is

at present, the mainstream prices of most domestic rutile and anatase titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method are 16500-17800 yuan/ton and 13300-14500 yuan/ton, and the mainstream prices of domestic and imported rutile titanium dioxide by chlorination method are 18500-20500 yuan/ton and 25800-28000 yuan/ton according to their uses (all the above are cash ex warehouse prices including tax)

Yang Xun believes that at present, the price of titanium dioxide in China is strong. In the off-season, the situation of manufacturers is different. Anatase has insufficient momentum to rise, and the overall trading market is vulnerable. However, at present, the main rutile producers are still short of cash. In December and even the first ten days of January 2021, the market may still remain high. In addition, the export orders of various manufacturers have been received to February. In the short term, The price of rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process in the national market may remain tight. The manufacturers may follow the trend and fight their own battles. The transaction price of the actual order is discussed according to the spot situation

Fu Yijiang, Deputy Secretary General of titanium dioxide industry branch of China Coating Industry Association, introduced that China is the only major economy that has continued to rebound strongly in the economic recession caused by the COVID-19, and the latest data highlight China's global economic status. As the world's second largest economy, China has become the only major economy that is expected to achieve growth this year

data analysis

the latest data released by the National Bureau of statistics shows that China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index (PMI), non manufacturing business activity index and comprehensive PMI output index in November 2020 were 52.1%, 56.4% and 55.7% respectively, 0.7, 0.2 and 0.4 percentage points higher than that in October. The three indexes were all at the highest point in the year, and were higher than the critical point for 9 consecutive months. Data released by the General Administration of Customs on December 7 showed that in the first 11 months of 2020, imports and exports increased by 1.8% year-on-year, reaching 29.04 trillion yuan. China's import and export data stabilized and improved

Fu Yijiang pointed out that China's titanium dioxide industry is closely related to the overall environment. According to the customs data, the cumulative export volume of titanium dioxide from January to October 2020 was 999776.4 tons. In October, China's titanium dioxide export volume was 110236.39 tons. The cumulative average export price was US $1928.12/ton, an increase of 21.81% year-on-year, mainly involving waste plastics, mixed waste metals, metal and alloy wastes, waste paper, waste textile raw materials There are 7 categories of smelting slag and waste ships, setting a new record in the same period. At present, all parties in the industry have a strong atmosphere of being reluctant to sell and waiting to rise, and their willingness to ship at a low price continues to weaken, while the positive export and the price hike of raw materials are still the main factors for the market rise

According to Fu Yijiang's analysis, the current price of raw titanium concentrate is strong, and the downstream titanium dioxide has raised the price tide again, making miners more confident in the price market

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