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Virtual power plant: Poetry and distance of energy transformation at present, global energy is in a critical period of transformation, and human society is promoting the transformation from traditional energy system represented by oil and gas to modern energy system represented by renewable energy. From the aspects of energy production, consumption and allocation, the modern energy system is increasingly characterized by electricity as the center and electricity as the platform

with the development of clean and low-carbon new energy system in the world, the proportion of re electrification of distributed renewable energy, electric vehicles and end users has increased significantly. The world energy outlook 2017 released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) points out that the development speed of distributed renewable energy is "beyond imagination". Because of its good economy, reliability, flexibility and environmental protection, it has become one of the largest new power sources in the world

virtual power plant is accelerating.

in the future, the distributed power generation and active load in distribution will show a high-speed growth trend, and more power users will change from single consumers to mixed consumers. At the technical level, distributed renewable energy, controllable loads, energy storage facilities and electric vehicles are characterized by scattered geographical location, strong randomness, large volatility, and weak observability and controllability. With the continuous expansion of the overall scale of access power, new challenges are posed to the safe, reliable and economic operation of power. From the perspective of operation, the business model of decentralized resources and sustainable development needs to be studied urgently, and a feasible path needs to be explored in depth to encourage hybrid producers and consumers to realize friendly interaction with electricity

aiming at these new phenomena, virtual power plant (VPP) focuses on the important characteristics of synchronous development of production side and consumption side in the process of re electrification, and puts forward the technology and business model that adapt to the future trend of clean and low-carbon energy development. Based on the traditional electric physical architecture and relying on the interconnection and modern information and communication technology, this technical model can aggregate various resources scattered in electricity, such as distributed power generation, energy storage, load, etc., carry out coordinated and optimized operation control and market transactions, and provide auxiliary services for electricity. A virtual power plant is not a power plant. In short, a virtual power plant is a source load aggregation management mode with the user as the center and the commercial market as the platform under the "Internet +" smart energy environment

since the concept of virtual power plant was put forward in 1997, it has been widely concerned by many countries in Europe, North America and Australia. In recent years, with the improvement of information and communication technology (ICT), distributed coordinated control technology and intelligent measurement technology, and the rapid development of distributed power generation, energy storage and electric vehicles, the industrial field has gradually shown a great demand for virtual power plants and put them into engineering practice. From a worldwide perspective, European virtual power plants focus on "source", with the main goal of improving distributed power generation, friendly intelligent interaction and creating a business model for sustainable and stable development. Fenix project and twinties project have been carried out under the sixth and seventh framework plans of the European Union. The former aims to aggregate a large number of distributed power sources into virtual power plants and improve the economy, controllability and safety of the European power system, The demonstration of the latter focuses on how to use virtual power plants to realize the intelligent management of cogeneration, distributed power generation and load. The North American virtual power plant originated from the "Lotus". It improves the utilization efficiency of comprehensive energy through automatic demand response and energy efficiency management. In recent years, with the development of distributed energy, New York State, under the guidance of the energy reform vision (Rev) strategy, has launched the coned VPP project, which aims to cluster and friendly the "solar energy + energy storage" system on the user side, reduce the cost of residential electricity, and improve the capacity of peak shaving, frequency modulation and emergency response; Explore the management mode of distributed photovoltaic in California, including how virtual power plants and distributed energy suppliers (derp) participate in power operation and power market. In recent years, Australia has put into operation a number of virtual power plant demonstration projects. The main objectives are to reduce power consumption costs, promote clean energy consumption, improve power stability in Australia, and jointly build AGL VPP demonstration project with Tesla to aggregate a large number of photovoltaic power sources and energy storage equipment, meet the challenges brought by the high penetration of distributed power sources, and reduce infrastructure investment costs

at present, the proportion of distributed renewable power generation in China is still small, but it is developing rapidly. The "13th five year plan" for power development clearly puts forward that the installed capacity of distributed PV during the 13th Five Year Plan period will reach more than 60million kW; China has become the largest electric vehicle market in the world. In 2017, the domestic sales of electric vehicles exceeded 770000, accounting for more than half of the world. By 2020, the cumulative output of electric vehicles will exceed 5million; Electric energy substitution and clean heating have been promoted in an orderly manner. In 2017, the annual amount of electric energy substitution exceeded 150billion kwh, and by 2020, about 450billion kwh of new electricity will be replaced by electric energy. The rapid development of distributed power generation and controllable load will have a great impact on the safe and stable operation of electricity. Therefore, virtual power plants will have broad application prospects in distributed power generation, northern clean heating, customer demand response, electric vehicles and so on. The virtual power plant can distribute photovoltaic, energy storage equipment, heat storage boilers and controllable loads since Tangshan City issued the Yellow early warning and production restriction order for this month's major activities, "the company also cooperated with Nippon to produce pure flavor polyurethane varnish and white lacquer for children's products", so as to maximize the overall energy supply benefits of cooling, heating and electricity. In the bustling urban buildings, virtual power plant enterprises can directly monitor the flexible controllable loads such as central air conditioning and electric vehicles, environmental parameters and distributed energy output in real time, automatically adjust and optimize the response quality around the needs of users and systems, reduce the investment in power supply and power construction, and achieve a win-win situation for users, systems, technologies and business models while creating a good and comfortable living environment

international standards contribute to China's wisdom

due to the wide application prospects of virtual power plants, the world is seizing the opportunity and striving for strategic initiative. The convenience of standard formulation and operation has become the indispensable place to dominate the international discourse. In october2017, the expert team composed of Guoji north electric power company and China Electric Power Research Institute submitted the proposals for use cases and architecture and functional requirements of virtual power plants to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on behalf of China. After fierce competition and elimination, it successfully passed the vote, won the support of Germany, Britain, France, Switzerland and other Member States, and was officially approved in march2018, It has become one of the first international standards approved by IEC in the field of virtual power plants, marking that China has officially led the highest international voice in the hot field of energy transformation

it is very challenging to compile international standards in frontier and emerging fields. Only by taking the real lead in technology and practice can we grasp the leading edge. Based on this feature, Guoji north electric power company innovatively put forward the "research, innovation, demonstration and compilation" four fusion mode in the preparation of international standards, which closely integrates the scientific research, innovation and efficiency creation, demonstration application and standard preparation in the field of virtual power plants, realizes the high-quality preparation of International standards in the process of mutual evidence and iterative improvement, and synchronously establishes the scientific research, innovation and efficiency creation and application achievement system of virtual power plants, Drive the leading development of electric technology and functions. Specifically, it is necessary to rely on the resource endowment of northern Hebei, explore and accumulate in new energy and scientific and technological innovation, grasp the historical opportunity of the 2022 Beijing Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games, build a replicable and popularized green energy sharing economy business model in areas rich in renewable energy, and explore technological innovation to transform uncontrollable renewable energy into stable and reliable green energy, Promote the coordinated development between user centered Distributed Renewable Energy and strong smart electricity, and contribute "Chinese wisdom" to energy transformation with standard Unicom

whether in overseas or China, virtual power plants are still very young. On the road of energy transformation, the government, enterprises, users and other parties need to make joint efforts to actively explore market mechanism construction, business model innovation, core technology promotion and extensive user participation, so as to pursue the poetry and distance of the new generation of energy system

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