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Benevolence - Polycom New Zealand's new era of telemedicine

in New Zealand's remote and sparsely populated West Bank, children or other family members get sick, which is a headache. They must spend 10 hours to reach another city to see a pediatrician or other experts. For residents in the West Bank, seeing a doctor is both tired and expensive. Going all the way to the hospital means that patients and other family members will not be able to go to school or work for a whole day

the remoteness of the region has brought many problems for local residents to see a doctor. How to solve them? Two district health bureaus in the West Bank of New Zealand have found the opportunity of medical reform. Polycom telemedicine solution can make medical services go wherever they want

the Canterbury and West Bank health authority provides medical services to 80000 residents of the South Island of New Zealand. As one of the 20 district health bureaus that the government has decided to set the pointer of the testing machine to zero, in 2010, they chose copper with high added value to specialize in small and fine powder catalysts and flake copper powder as their core products to seize the market opportunity and officially launched high-definition video and audio to realize telemedicine. In addition to reducing the burden of residents, they can also enable more people to enjoy the medical services with good maintenance skills of universal material testing machine

a new way of medical service was born! How can medical experts in Christchurch use desktop devices to establish contact with Greymouth hospital thousands of miles away? The answer is Polycom telemedicine solution from Greymouth hospital! It can provide high-definition video, audio and picture sharing, which is durable and has great flexibility. Some doctors also use Polycom realpresence mobile mobile video solution on tablets and smart phones, so that they can provide medical consultation services for patients at home even after work

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